"EVP had yet another weekend of racing wins that took place at two big events!" - Jim Zuccone

Starting with the SXSUSA/Hunter Owen Spring Hoedown:
The SXSUSA events at Crossbar Ranch keep getting better and better. The 2024 Hoedown pulled racers from all over the country to compete in drag racing, rock bouncing, and mud bogging. EVP-backed racers performed extremely well against the competitors.

The Sand Drags field was the largest yet for SXSUSA event. In the stock class, EVP racers Dustin Wolfe (driving Dustin Couch’s Can-Am X3) and Roberta Fisher came into the event fresh off 1-2 finishes in Waynoka, Oklahoma, a few weeks ago. The racing was fierce, with Roberta and Dustin picking off one competitor after another until the finals, where Roberta and Dustin lined up to decide 1st and 2nd place. Roberta barely edged out Dustin for a hard-fought victory. Congratulations to Roberta and Dustin for another 1-2 finish. Both Dustin and Roberta’s cars are tuned on the factory ECU by EVP Co-Owner Jim Zuccone.

The Mod class was combined to include both 43mm and 46mm turbo vehicles. Many competitors entered this class. Local favorite Michael Reid brought his Can-Am X3 “Batmobile” with a fresh new EVP P43R Turbo System. Michael’s car was on point and the fastest it had ever been. Michael picked off one competitor after another until the semifinals, where he beat the competitor, but lost the race due to crossing the centerline of the track. In the finals, it came down to Michael Reid and Trevor Dana – Michael with an EVP P43R Turbo System on the Stock ECU vs Trevor with his 46mm turbo Standalone ECU tuned car. In a great race, Trevor edged out Michael by a frog's hair, giving Trevor the win. Congratulations to Trevor Dana. Michael’s 2nd place against a much larger turbo car is respectable and a testament to Mike’s driving, Mike and Steph’s race program, and the EVP engine and turbo components on their Can-Am X3. Mike’s car is tuned on the factory ECU by EVP Co-Owner Jim Zuccone

Photo Finish: Trevor vs Michael.

The Outlaw class had cars from all over the country, including a Turbo Pro R from the Phoenix area. EVP racer Brody Fisher, who came into the race with his Mod class turbo Can-Am X3 and a fresh new haircut.

This must be the first-of-its-kind EVP haircut, and we love it. Brody brought that winning spirit into the race, and it showed. Brody went undefeated for the day and took first place. Local favorite Reed Goering fought his way through the rounds and took a respectable 3rd place finish out of a lineup of very fast cars and competitive drivers. Congratulations to Brody and Reed!

There was something very special about the Hoedown Race this year. Roberta Fisher, who won the Stock Class, is the mother of Brody Fisher, who won the Outlaw Class, making it the first Mother/Son victory! The Fishers are a great family who work hard on their race program, assisted by Michael and Stephanie Reid, Dustin Couch, Dan Picht, and Jim Zuccone. Seeing how these competitors go out of their way to help each other is really fun to watch and we are grateful to be a part of it. Congratulations to all the EVP racers!

For the Rock Bounty portion of the SXSUSA Spring Hoedown, Wildman Paul Wolff took second place overall out of 17 competitors. Paul is a true professional who knows his stuff and makes the course look effortless. Congratulations, Paul!

Photo of Paul Wolff's daughter and 2nd place trophy.

At the grudge racing drags, EVP Co-Owner Jim Zuccone wanted to party with his Max Defender Lonestar with the EVP DT-195 turbo kit. A few Can-Am X3 and Polaris Turbo R owners were shook when the DT-195 took off with EVP Launch Control and got to the 300’ mark before they did. A lot of heads were turned that night. 

Now, onto the Southern Bounty Series at Indian Mountain ATV Park with more winners!

EVP racer Joseph Cordell got rowdy with Megaladon, skipping right over the water a full second faster than anyone else, winning the Outlaw Class. His dominant Can-Am X3 is powered by an EVP DS420 turbo system tuned by EVP race manager Dan Picht on a Motec ECU.

In the big tire class, Nathan Parker took 1st place, and Brian Fulcher took 2nd place. Their EVP outfitted Can-Am X3 outclassed their competitors with a claimed 100hp more. The proof is in their victories, as they beat the 3rd-place competition by over 2 seconds!

As always, special shout out to Stephanie Reid for capturing the action behind the lens!

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