"A winning weekend at two huge race events and a world record claimed!" - Jim Zuccone

SXS Blog Event:

Michael Reid with his EVP Powered Can-Am X3 "Batmobile" car set the 43mm WSDN world record for ET running at 3.75 @77.90 mph in 300’. Michael was determined to take this record back and did so on less-than-ideal track conditions. Michael continues to be the most dominant in 43mm turbo cars. The Batmobile is the only 43mm car at this level still utilizing the factory ECU tuned by EVP Co-Owner Jim Zuccone.

EVP Shop manager Dan Picht brought the Desert Storm 50mm turbo Can-Am X3 and our 850 hp Polaris Pro R to the party. The Desert Storm ran consistent 3.5s but a combination of less-than-ideal track conditions and a fuel pressure regulator issue kept it from setting records. The Polaris Pro R is a brand-new build featuring an all-new Paragon P67 turbocharger. Dan was working a few bugs out of the fuel system, but still managed to go 3.74 end time with the car shutting off at about 2/3s track. Even so Dan managed to put on a good show with the Pro R wheelieing most of the track. The Pro R is really coming around and will be at more events in the future. The Pro R is tuned on the new Syvecs direct replacement standalone ECU.

Brandon Ristau’s Maverick R was on point beating the hellcat powered CF Moto in a heads-up race. Bradon is running the latest EVP Stage 5 X85 tune with transmission tuning and launch control. The Maverick R with EVP tuning is becoming very competitive. Brandon’s Maverick R is completely stock except for tuning and the EVP fuel pump upgrade.

Sand Outlaws Series:

Sand Mountain is always a great place to race and the R&R boys Hunter Laws 43mm and Rafael Vargas with his 46mm class Can-Am X3s are always on point. Hunter Law absolutely killed it and ran undefeated for the day taking 1st place. Rafael easily won the first round. In the second race, the wicked power combined with typical Sand Mountain track conditions caused Raf to go sideways 100’ out and had to lift which gave him his first loss for the day. In the last race against the DW Performace car, Rafael snapped a belt right after coming off launch control. Still a 3rd place podium finish, but not the W his car was capable of. Both Hunter and Rafael run EVP Stage 2 engines with EVP Paragon race series turbo systems tune by EVP MOde’s Brandon Toole.

All in all, a great weekend, and with Michael Reid setting the ET record and Hunter Law’s standing MPH record, we can confidently say our 43mm packages are the fastest in the world.


EVP Brand Parts on these race vehicles:

EVP XR Series Engines
Paragon Turbos
Desert Storm Turbos
Torrent C Plenums
Torrent B Plenums
XR Series Engine Components
EVP Bad Ass Belts


Special thanks to the companies EVP works with:

Spectrum Turbos
Shock Therapy
Tapp Clutch
Opus Precision
Injector Dynamics
TiAL Sport
Ignite Racing Fuels
STM Powersports
PWR intercoolers
Sand Tires Unlimited
VP Fuels

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