2020 Canam X3 RR Highlights Data Dump 1

Evolution Powersports has had the new 2020 X3 RR for a few days and have learned a great deal about the changes Can Am has implemented. A few initial highlights:

• Turbocharger: The compressor side inducer (where the air enters the compressor wheel) is 1 mm larger and the exducer (where the air enters the compressor cover scroll) is 3mm larger than the 2017-2019 X3. Initial tests have shown the turbo is substantially more efficient than the earlier 17-19 models. The exhaust manifold in now stainless steel and likely has a larger A/R on the exhaust housing for more flow. It will also be more corrosion resistant.
• Wastegate Actuator: The wastegate actuator is now a 7 lb spring with a 12lb crack pressure. The 2018-2019 actuator was a 3 lb spring with an 7 lb crack pressure. This new setup on the 2020 will allow big boost from the stock turbo without having to replace the actuator like in previous years.
• Intake: The airbox appears to be almost identical in size to the EVP V-Flow airbox mod that we designed and sold since 2017
• Map Sensors: The RR now has 3 bar map sensors like our EVP Stage 6 cars have had since 2017. This will allow stock turbo and big turbo cars to run up to 28-29 lbs of boost on the OEM map sensors
• Fuel Injectors: The fuel injectors have been upgraded with higher flow units
• Intercooler: The intercooler/fan package has been upgraded to deal with the intake temperatures that result from running higher boost pressures. It is physically larger and appears to be a more efficient designed intercooler core
• Exhaust: The exhaust appears to be identical to the 2018-2019 models
• Software: We are already very deep into the ECU code and have already defined over 1500 maps, tables and single bit values. While everyone else is waiting on 3rd party software suites, we are already intimately familiar with the new parameters of the X3 RR ECU and are already testing software calibrations which we will begin to divulge the details next week. Stay Tuned

More to come as we spend additional time with this kick ass new machine!
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Thanks you guys so much for all your hard work! Amazing company!

Brad Roper

Scooter Blankenship

When will 2020 tunes be available

sounds like can am got ahold of your guys stuff and did their homework. curious as to what gains you all can make. Keep up the killer work

You guys seriously rock out...#evo4life

So the big question I’m getting is will it be possible to upgrade the 18/19 X3 to this? Can’t wait to see what you guys can do!

Kevin Paxton

Randy Chovanetz maybe a 2020 in August!

Will the new airbox fit EVOs VFlow turbo inlet hose?

Great write up guys!

Good job guys! Way to stay ahead of the competition

As always top notch stuff from evo

Wow, amazing information!

Brady Mcmichael

Oh man I can’t wait!!!! Will new tunes available Monday?

Robert Brett Dorton


Muy bueno el trabajo de ustedes ! Los felicito ! Tengo xrc con stage 4 de ustedes ! Se le podrá subir los hp ? Van a hacer alguna modificación en argentina no podemos colocar el stage 5 por q acá no hay E85


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Just what I wanted to see .. some nice gains for sure

Excellent video! I like seeing stuff like this!


Anything different with the 2020 exhaust to handle the added power? Since the 17-19s need an exhaust for that much


Carl Tuck

Is a 2020 turbo part available for sale already?

Christopher McGarrigle Tammy Daley


Matt! 😍

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