We are experiencing longer than usual delivery times. If you need assistance, please contact our sales or tech support teams. We appreciate your continued patience and thank you for supporting Evolution Powersports!


Thank you for purchasing from Evolution Powersports! We value you greatly as a customer. We are here to help in case you have any issues with your purchase. These terms apply only to EVP parts.  3rd party parts have their own warranty policies and are subject to them.


  • Returns must be requested/communicated via email to service@evopowersports.com within 14 days of receiving the shipment (as determined by the carriers tracking number). If the request is within this period, an RMA # will be issued.
  • Parts are not returnable after the 14-day period as described above.
  • After RMA is issued, Customer has (14) days to return the product to the address provided with the RMA. If parts are not received within this time period, the RMA is void.
    • Product must be shipped to EVP at Customer's expense.
    • If parts are damaged in shipping back to EVP, it is up to the customer to contact their shipping company for damage reimbursement.
  • Returned product must be in an unused/uninstalled/undamaged condition. EVP will, at its discretion, determine whether a part meets this criterion. If returned parts are received as new, then a refund will be issued less shipping charges.
    • ECU Core Returns: The core must be in like-new condition. No core refunds will be given on any ECU that has been opened.
  • ECU Tunes are returnable according to the same policy above - ECU will be returned to stock condition for refund to apply.
  • The return policy for MapTuner X is the same as above, but a restocking charge of 20% will apply to the MapTuner X purchase price.
  • There are no refunds on shipping charges.

    Missing or Damaged parts must be reported to EVP within 72 hours after the parts are delivered as determined by the carrier tracking number

    1. Damaged part(s) packing material, box(es) and tracking label must be photographed.
    2. Email photographs with Customer Name and Order details to service@evopowersports.com. Once the pictures are examined and determined to be shipping damage, EVP will issue an RMA # and shipping label to receive the damaged parts back.
    3. Once damaged products are received, replacement product will be shipped. Alternatively, we can charge for new part(s) to replace the damaged part(s) and ship immediately, then issue a credit once damaged products are received.

    Any Evolution Powersports Products Used in Sanctioned or Unsanctioned Racing Voids Warranty.


      • Exhaust: 1 year
      • Big Turbo Kits: 30 days
      • Electrical Parts: 14 days
      • Exhaust Actuators: 90 days
      • All Other EVP Parts (excluding Big Turbo Kits & Electrical): 1 year
      • Non-EVP 3rd Party Parts: Not Warrantied by Evolution Powersports - Must Contact Manufacturer
    • Evolution Powersports' Warranty only applies to original product purchaser.
    • All warranty claims must be accompanied by images of the entire vehicle from:
      • All 4 sides
      • The part(s) installed on the vehicle
      • The issue with the part(s)
      • Warranty claims without images will not be accepted
    • To issue a Warranty Claim, email service@evopowersports.com the above photographs with Customer and Order details.
    • If the part(s) are damaged and meet the warranty criteria, an RMA number will be issued.
    • After RMA is issued, Dealer must ship the product to the address provided with the RMA.
      • Product must be shipped to EVP at Customer's expense.
      • If parts are damaged in shipping back to EVP, it is up to the customer to contact their shipping company for damage reimbursement.
    • Once parts are received EVP, at its sole discretion, will determine whether a warranty applies and remedy accordingly.
    • All warranty periods are determined from the date the product was delivered according to the carrier tracking number. Evolution Powersports bears no responsibility for damage caused to your vehicle by the installation of EVP products. Although we have been careful to supply you with the highest quality parts possible, we assume no liability for damage to vehicle or personal injury from installing or using any of our products.

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