Auburn, MI:  May 4th Raceday 2019 - 15 acres of land, 500' of fresh dirt, and over 200 vehicle gathered from across the US and Canada for a run what you brung race event at the SXSBlog Compound. With nothing but bragging rights on the line EVP’s Stage 6 “Dynomite” can-am Maverick X3, driven by Dan Picht, took home the win in the invitational shootout of the 8 fastest cars at the event. The car we brought to this shootout is one of our test mules - a 2017 can-am Maverick X3’s with over 6000 miles on the odometer.  The car was prepped by EVP's  team of Tim Goodman & Bryce Carlson and driven by Dan Picht. When we say "We test where your ride" we mean it. The car has been all over the country in almost every conceivable condition - sand, dirt, rock crawling, trail, high elevation, low elevation, 115 degree So Cal desert heat, etc.  Just last month we were in Sand Hollow rock crawling with it. This EVP X3 is not a stripped down, lightweight drag car. It is equipped with the following upgrades: - S3 Powersports Cage - CT Race Worx lower A Arms, - Shock Tower Brace - Rear Radius rods - Rear Tow Plate - BRP Beard Seats - Full TMW doors - Shock Therapy Springs Besides the EVP bed delete kit (mainly installed to have easy access to the engine), there are no lightweight parts on our car. What makes our X3 so fast you ask?  The turbo upgrade kit powering this X3 has been in development for over 15 months. It utilizes the factory turbocharger exhaust housing like our Stage 6 turbo, but with new compressor and turbine profiles.  Cutting edge turbo technology without the turbo lag is what makes this upgrade so potent.  Other proven engine upgrades include our “Blizzard” Intercooler,  Charge tubes and BOV. These are race winning products designed to dramatically improve the performance of the can-am Maverick X3 turbo. Our software calibration utilizing the OEM Bosch ECU is second to NONE! We have fully unlocked this ECU and can calibrate the parameters without handcuffs. While other tuning suites offer a handful of maps to tune with, we have access to ALL of the 1,540,096 bytes of values, tables and maps to unlock the full potential of this ECU.  The final piece of the puzzle is the clutching. Dan Picht and Jimmy Zuccone worked for over 6 months and have developed our own recipe of primary and secondary clutching components that put the power to the ground using our Bad ASS CVT Belt. While others claim huge dyno numbers, the proof is where the “rubber meets the dirt” This is what winning looks like – A clean front end. With over 15 races we participated in at this Raceday 2019, we never lost a single heat.  The clean front end is proof that we have a winning combination with our can-am tuning and upgrade components.

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