The new 2020 X3 Turbo RR EVP stock injector tuning packages have finished the beta testing phase and ready for sale. Extensive testing over the past few months has been conducted throughout the USA and Mexico in the harshest conditions including Glamis / Dumont in the summer, Baja Mexico, St. Anthony Idaho and throughout the Midwest.  Just last weekend our tuned 2020 X3 Turbo RR’s WON the SCORE Baja 400 in PRO Stock UTV class and was the 3rd quickest overall UTV. The Papas & Beer #3936 driven by Rodrigo Ampudia using our Stage 3 215HP 91 octane tune finished the race in 10:23.30 just 23 minutes behind the fully built PRO UTV FI class winner.   Our commitment to providing the best tunes for this platform is evident in our unrivaled dedication to testing and racing in these harsh conditions.

Testing and tuning the 2020 Maverick X3 Turbo RR has been a tremendous amount of work and we are excited to have our customers experience what we have been working on. Besides the extensive testing, we have been working on a new engine dyno setup for the X3 and we are pleased to announce our power ratings at the crankshaft. This allows a true comparison of power differences as compared to stock with our unique new dyno setup.  Listed below are more details about our decision to test with the engine dyno.

EVP is committed to pushing the envelope in terms of tune drivability and absolute maximum power given various components.  With an engine dyno, we can sweep the entire operating rpm of the engine, hold a specific rpm, vary the load at different rpms and simulate virtually any operating condition outside of the CVT transmission. The CVT can mask running issues at various rpms because the load continuously changes.  Wheel dyno power numbers can also vary with tire diameter, tire contact with the drum, worn belts, incorrect clutching, etc.  The OEM’s manufacturers rate their tunes at the crank and with our new engine dyno setup, we will provide this data as well!  This change is not easy as it is FAR more time-consuming to setup the engine dyno, but our customers deserve the best and this change demonstrates our commitment to this X3 platform and our dominance in providing the best UTV tuning available.

The 2020 Maverick X3 Turbo RR stock injector tuning stages are as follows:

STAGE 1 - EVP200-91 – This is essentially a stock tune with the fueling corrected and limiters removed.  The OEM Can Am tune runs ~lambda 1.00 (15:1 AFR) below 7000 rpms, then runs in the low 11’s AFR after 7000 rpms.  By normalizing the AFRs, this tune gains 10+ horsepower on spool up and about 5 horsepower on top.  This tune was designed for the customer who wants a little more than stock, but with a far safer and more responsive tune. Additional features include raised rev limits, speed limits and all the other unique features we incorporate into our tunes.

STAGE 2 - EVP210-91 – This tune is also for a completely stock 2020 RR with the same benefits of the STAGE 1 200 HP tune, but with more boost.  This tune is 20 horsepower gain on spool with a solid 15 hp gain on top


STAGE 3 - EVP215-91 – This tune will net 215 horsepower on a stock 2020 RR but was designed to push the safe boundaries for 91-octane with the stock exhaust components. This this tune can be run in conjunction with a full exhaust system and achieve up to 219 horsepower.

EVP STAGE 3R 225-93 - 225 horsepower is on tap with this potent 93 octane, stock injector tune.  Wastegate adjustment is required. We push the stock injectors to the maximum safe limits with this 93-octane specific tune.  While the tune can be run with a fully stock exhaust system, running our EVP Race Bypass and any of our X3 exhaust mufflers will net you close to 230 horsepower!

In addition to the power numbers and octane ratings above, all 2020 X3 RR tunes have the following features:

-Radiator cooling fan triggered sooner to keep coolant temperature in check on hot days and long pulls

-Intercooler fan settings revised to keep intake temps in check on hot days and long pulls

-Rev limiters raised to 9000

-Speed limiter raised to 110 MPH

-Torque limits raised

-Throttle limits revised to improve engine responsiveness

-Fueling revised for optimal safe AFR’s

-Race start – no need to press the brake to start in gear

-Left foot brake enabled – allows you to drive two footed

-Boost raised (Stages 2-3R and beyond)

-Wheel Dyno Tested - Engine Dyno Tested

-High Elevation Tested - Glamis / Dumont Extreme Heat Tested

More Power, More Torque, More Features
Big Injector Tuning w/ LC up to 250 HP currently being beta tested.  Stay Tuned!

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