Evolution Powersports has developed an industry’s first Integrated Launch Control (ILC) for the 2017-2019 Maverick X3 utilizing the OEM ECU (Coming soon for the 2020).  For those who are unfamiliar with launch control – the purpose is to allow the engine to build a substantial amount of boost pressure from a standstill without engaging the belt.  In racing situations, this provides an incredible advantage over vehicles not equipped with this feature.  Generally, it can provide about a 1-2 car length lead from the holeshot vs a non-launch equipped vehicle. This upgrade has been in development and tested for over 2 years, and we are proud to introduce it to the public.   

To engage ILC, the vehicle must be below 5 MPH, the brake pedal applied and accelerator pedal past 50% throttle. With these 3 inputs, the logic in the OEM ECU automatically enables a 2500 RPM rev limit, retards the ignition and adds fuel to generate boost pressure.  The engine will begin to pop and bang while producing up to 8 PSI of boost pressure within about 3 seconds.  As soon as the brake pedal is released, the vehicle launches like being shot out of a cannon as the vehicle makes its way to the finish line! 

Evolution Powersports is committed to developing innovative and industry leading products and tuning solutions for the UTV market. Our desire to lead and never follow is evident with our launch control integration into the factory ECU.  We continue to push the performance envelope and provide products that dominate in the sand, dirt and on the racetrack.

This software upgrade is only available for EVP tunes and is not compatible with any other tuning companies ECU flashes.  EVP ILC tunes combined with EVP Shift-Tek clutch kits are designed to work together for ultimate performance.  Shift-Tek is EVP’s advanced clutching packages with weights, custom springs and helix's which will be launched Mid October 2019. 

For existing customers:

-Launch control added to 2017-2019 stock turbo single tune: $299
-Launch control added to 2020 stock turbo single tune: $299 (Coming Soon)
-Launch control added to any single big turbo tune: $299
-Launch control added to multiple tunes Stages 1-X85 tunes $299

For new customers:

-Launch control added to any tune = tune price plus $299*

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