The data is in!! We have completed another round of testing on our 2020 Can Am Maverick X3 Turbo RR and we are excited about the results.  Since our first round of testing in Sturgis SD back in late July, we have been working hard at our Somerset, WI headquarters dyno, field and street testing this new machine.  We re baseline line tested this vehicle now with over 200 miles and found that the power increased slightly from our initial baseline of ~158 WHP and now measures ~161 WHP. Our baseline dyno numbers fall completely in line with expected CVT transmission drivetrain losses.  It is common knowledge that CVT drivetrain loss is about 20%. We have built our business on providing customers accurate baseline test data combined with industry leading products and proven performance upgrades regardless of what the dyno numbers show.  This is why most top race teams choose EVP to help get them on the podium. Our direct experience supporting and proving our products in BITD, SCORE and Lucas race series helps refine our consumer products. If our tuning and products can survive the grueling demands of a race environment, you can rest assured they will survive the stresses of any other condition as well as put you out front! We have collected a tremendous amount of engine data during our software development process.  We know what the limitations are with this new engine in terms of maximum achievable power with stock components. The stock fuel injectors can safely flow enough fuel to support an additional ~20-25 HP before exceeding industry accepted safe injector duty cycle of about 90%.  The stock injectors with the OEM Can Am tune reach a maximum injector duty cycle of about 70%. With our beta stage 3 tune, they operate at approximately 86-90% duty cycle. We will be conducting further tests to ensure that we can maximize power and performance while maintaining complete reliability. We have developed a few different tunes that are currently being beta tested on our company owned X3 RR XRS and RR XMR as well as in the hands of some desert racers. Once we finish these next round of tests, we will head to Glamis in the heat of the summer to finalize the tunes in the heat on 91 and 93 octane fuels before moving on to big injector tunes.  We have already seen about 200 WHP with race gas tunes which translates to about 240 engine HP which is very respectable for a nearly stock X3 RR. Our Beta 91 octane tune produces 173 WHP (210 HP) with a +18 HP increase on the initial hit and a consistent 12-16 WHP gain throughout the power sweep.  Our Beta Stage 3 with full exhaust and 93 octane fuel pushes the power output to 178 WHP (217 HP) with the same +18 HP gain on the initial hit with a consistent 20-25 WHP gain throughout the power sweep.  These dyno numbers are also backed up with significant testing in the field and street.  Our 0-60 times went from 4.57 seconds in a distance of 237.7ft to 3.99 seconds in a distance of 200.72ft.  This is a substantial gain in both time and distance with this very straight-forward upgrade which also includes our upgraded clutch weight setup.  We will post more details about the clutching in another release. Currently we have test fit our complete line of exhaust and race pipes and fitment is the same as the 2017 – 2019 models. Our more advanced clutching components are still being refined and we expect a full release in about 30 days for both software and clutching packages.   Stay Tuned.

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