From the company known for their unrelenting drive for performance and innovation, Evolution Powersports has just released CodeShooter™, an app-based ECU flashing device for powersports vehicles. The most intuitive and easy to use, wireless flashing tool on the market, you now have the power to tune your vehicle’s ECU and Dash, read and reset trouble codes, as well as monitor live critical engine data all from your smartphone!

Can-Am and Polaris SxS owners can now unleash the full potential of their vehicles ECU with the tap of a finger - 24 hours a day 365 days a year! Own the ability to flash and reflash and even read and clear diagnostic trouble codes anywhere, anytime with wi-fi access or 4G+ cell service.

Setup is simple with four easy steps! Download the app (Android & iOS) and connect to your vehicle. Your specific vehicle ECU is analyzed by CodeShooter and files are automatically ready for download from the cloud. Then choose your tune and Flash!

EVP was the first to introduce 2-Step Launch Control to the SxS market, and with the introduction of CodeShooter, that ability is cranked up to a whole new level by now offering Adjustable Launch Control!


Enabled through the CodeShooter app, the two variable sliders allow you to adjust and fine tune both the RPM and Boost in real time! Already have Launch Control enabled in your vehicle’s ECU? Purchase CodeShooter for $199 and the upgrade to Adjustable Launch Control is available to you for at no additional charge! If you already have a non-launch control enabled EVP Tune, the Adjustable Launch Control upgrade cost is $299 (Also requires Launch Switch and High Engagement Spring & CodeShooter (sold separately)).

The App features don’t stop there. For Can Am* owners, purchase the EVP Dash Flash programming and through the CodeShooter app, you can flash your dash which enables the display of Boost, Air Fuel** and Belt Temps** right on the OEM dash cluster. You can also live monitor AFR and Belt temp within the app. Live monitoring capabilities will be available soon for Polaris Models.

*Only for 2020-2021 X3 Models (except 2021 Turbo RR)

**Requires purchase of AFR and/or Belt Temperature Module(s) (sold separately) 

EVP’s entire library of high-performance ECU tunes are available for use on the CodeShooter device. Pricing starts at $549 (Including CodeShooter) for Naturally Aspirated models and $749 (Including CodeShooter) for Turbo models. If you already own EVP tunes that have been flashed by one of our dealers or at EVP simply purchase CodeShooter for $199 and your tunes will be available on the new app-based platform.

Additional features and options will continue to be added to the CodeShooter platform which will be available through the App with firmware updates.



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