Evolution Powersports (EVP)  is proud to introduce our performance upgrade system for the Polaris RZR RS1.  Although the RS1 comes stock with 110 Engine HP (~91 whp), with some simple and proven upgrades, we have this beast pushing well over 120 HP.  We baseline dyno tested the RS1 on our Dynojet chassis dyno at 91 wheel HP which translates to about a 17% drive-train loss.  We installed our EVP Performance ECU reflash to improve overall power of the engine on pump 91 octane fuel and gained a tremendous power improvement over stock. The EVP software tune gained an additional 12 whp up to about 28 MPH and about a 6 whp gain from 28 MPH until 40 MPH and about 5 whp from 40+ MPH.  There is a drastic power gain on the initial hit due to TQ limitations that our software calibration improves upon to unlock the power of this 999CC ProStar engine.   Additional features of our EVP software calibration include: improved throttle response, cooling fans triggered 15 degrees cooler, raised rev limit, raised speed limiters, optimized ignition and fueling.  On the exhaust side of things, we added our hand built stainless steel slip on exhaust system which adds a robust exhaust note to the RS1 without being too loud. Our free flowing exhaust system not only sounds great but it improves power and reduces backpressure.  Power is improved by 2-3 whp over stock with a drastic reduction in exhaust temperatures. All of our exhaust systems are built in Phoenix, AZ at our exhaust manufacturing facility.  Each system was carefully designed and manufactured by skilled craftsman.  All of our exhausts are made with US T-304 stainless steel and are built specifically for each application. We don’t use pre-made mufflers sourced from overseas manufacturers like many in this industry.  We build everything 100% in house which translates to unmatched quality, better sound and maximum performance. To improve the airflow of the RS1 engine, we designed and produced a direct replacement high flow air filter. Our proprietary synthetic filter media retains OEM filtration while improving airflow for added performance and power.    To give the RS1 the full EVP performance treatment, our QSC clutch kit was developed to improve power delivery and overall engine responsiveness.  The arc of our clutch weights is optimized to make the RS1 upshift and backshift faster which is matched specifically for the power increase of our performance system. Our clutch weights can also be adjusted for specific applications with the included weights.   Dyno Representation of the performance gains with the EVP Performance Upgrades Power is measured at the wheels.  ~17% drivetrain loss   EVP Polaris RZR RS1 Performance Components: 18 EVP RS1 ECU Upgrade - P/N: ECU-PRS1-1000-STG 1 $399 18 EVP RS1 Sport Exhaust System - P/N: EX-PRZR-1000/RS1-MAG $599 18 EVP RS1 Highflow Airfilter w/ Prefilter - P/N: IN-PRZRT-VY  $115 18 EVP RS1 Performance Clutch Kit - P/N: CL-PRZRT-STG1-3 $369 Evolution Powersports Website RS1 Link https://evopowersports.com/product/rs1-1000-ecu-programming Evolution Powersports Email info@evopowersports.com Follow is on Social Media: Website: www.evopowersports.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/evolutionps Instagram: www.instagram.com/evo_powersports

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