07/23/2018 Evolution Powersports (EVP) a leader in the powersports industry for software tuning, exhaust systems, intake systems, clutching and turbo systems is proud to introduce some long anticipated software / hardware updates for the Can-Am X3. We took feedback from customers as well as from our own testing and have integrated some new features into our software tuning. Additionally, we developed new hardware components for the X3 as well as AFR integration into our industry leading Maptuner X flash tool. Software Update V718-1S 2018 Maverick X3 Stages 1-5RWi  (Also 17 models fitted with 18 Fuel Pump) Left Foot Brake Enable Intercooler Fan Settings Adjusted for Optimum Cooling* Improved boost response / low to midrange power improvements Launch Start w/ New EVP Override Switch Stage 4RWi X100 (Extreme 100 Octane Tune) Release Date TBD Stage 5RWi X85 (Extreme E85 Tune) Release Date TBD Left Foot Brake Enabled:  This feature allows brake pedal and accelerator pedal to be applied at the same time to prevent the throttle from closing while driving at speeds. Intercooler Fan Settings: The OEM intercooler fan is settings are controlled by temperature, boost, RPM and pedal position. We have adjusted all of these settings to optimize the intercooler fan cooling affects for optimum efficiency while still allowing the fan to cycle on and off.  *Recommended - 30-Amp Mini-Blade Fuse to be installed in fuse box (location F17) in place of the OEM 25-Amp Fuse. Improved Boost response + Low/Mid Power:  Optimized fuel and ignition parameters for improved boost / throttle response. Launch Start w/ EVP Override Switch: Our on/off switch replaces the OEM override switch which allows Launch Start from a standstill and prevents “low gear” mode.  This allows operation of the gas pedal and brake pedal at the same time from a standstill to launch the car hard for drag racing.   Part Number: X3-SW-LA: $25.00 Order Online: https://evopowersports.com/product/maverick-x3-launch-switch Stage 4RWi X100 (Extreme 100 Octane Tune): This stage is built on our ever popular Stage 4RWi and further pushes the limits of the stock turbocharger. Boost pressure is increased from ~19 PSI to ~22 PSI and power is optimized for use with 100 or higher octane fuel.   Dune / trail tested as well as race proven in the Lucas Off-road / BITD. Improved power of 10-15 HP over Stage 4RWi 95 octane tune. In final phase of testing. Release Date TBD Stage 5RWi X85 (Extreme E85 Tune) This stage is built on our ever popular Stage 5RWi and further pushes the limits of the stock turbocharger. Boost pressure is increased from ~19 PSI to ~22 PSI and power is optimized for use with E85 fuel.   Improved power of 10-15 HP over Stage 5RWi. In final phase of testing. Release Date TBD   Hardware Update V718-1H Maptuner X AFR Integration Kit: Allows real-time monitoring and data logging of AFR values on the Maptuner X Device.  This complete kit integrates a PLX Wideband AFR module / sensor and seamlessly incorporates these values directly to the Maptuner X with our plug and play kit. Part Number: MTX-AFRK: $225.00 - This kit includes: Order Online: https://evopowersports.com/product/maptuner-x-pnp-afr-module - PLX Wideband Air/Fuel Sensor Module: The PLX Wideband AFR (UEGO) combines an accurate, fast response wideband AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) controller with a Bosch LSU4.9 wideband oxygen sensor. The wideband controller works with gasoline, bio diesel, ethanol, methanol, E85, LPG, and CNG. It includes two analog outputs (wideband 0-5V, and narrowband 0-1V) for interfacing with 3rd party devices and one digital serial output for interfacing with the DM-6 gauge and other Multi Gauges. Includes P&P power cable and O2 bung. - EVP Maptuner X HDMI 3.5mm Expansion Cable: Connects Maptuner X to accessories such as Lambda/02 monitoring devices. This HDMI male/female 3.5mm cable is required for monitoring and logging data from external sensors. EVP X3 Intercooler Fan Override Switch:  For customers that want full control over their intercooler fan and when it is activated, our override switch is the answer.  100% plug and play kit seamlessly connects into the intercooler fan harness and allows the switch to control the fan.  When the switch is turned on, the fan will run all the time.  When switch is off, the OEM ECU controls the intercooler fan based on the ECU settings like stock.   This comes as a complete wiring kit with relay, on/off switch, 30-Amp fuse and +/- leads to connect to the battery.  Part Number: X3-SW-ICOF: $99.00 Order Online: https://evopowersports.com/product/maverick-x3-intercooler-fan-override-kit

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