EVP has been working with GBoost, a highly regarded CVT belt manufacturer and have been testing many new belt compounds for the Can-am and Polaris models.  We now have a tested and proven drive belt which outlasts the factory belts by a HUGE margin!  We completed an extensive testing regiment through our sponsored racer program and on our own in house big horsepower vehicles.  These new “BADASS” drive belts have proven themselves under the most grueling conditions and to allow confident driving without the fear of premature belt failure.  Besides being far stronger compared to the OEM belts, our belt compound grips better which transfers more power to the ground. This is ultimate high performance to CVT belt that will change how you drive and enjoy your SXS.  Belt Specs: High temperature, heat resistant polymer fibers help to maximize power transfer through clutches. Engineered to keep maximum under-cord stiffness across the belt while giving stable cord construction base and allowing the belt to flex for efficiency and cool running temps. CORD - Ultra-strong carbon cord can handle/carry more than 10,000 pounds of tension without stretching or breaking. 30% stronger compared to OEM and aftermarket drive belts. TOP COG - Heat resistant polymer compound for maximum above-cord strength and flexibility. This is a must for today's high-horsepower/high-torque motor/clutch applications. Available for most all high performance SXS models including Polaris, Can-Am and Textron MSRP Price $169.00 Order Can-Am Belts Online: https://evopowersports.com/product/maverick-x3-bad-ass-drive-belt Order Polaris Belts Online: https://evopowersports.com/product/rzr-xp-turbo-turbo-s-and-rs1-bad-ass-drive-belt Watch an independent test review video of our belts here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P_4X77i1tYY Application Guide / Part Numbers:  

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