The SXSUSA Spring Hoedown organized by Hunter Owen at the massive 6,500-acre Crossbar Ranch in Davis, Oklahoma was an event to remember. For those of you that know Hunter, it should come as no surprise that he knows how to put on one hell of a show! The drags were no exception.


The race was divided into 3 classes: Stock, Mod and Outlaw. The stock class was very competitive but, at the end of the day, Evolution Powersports cars finished 1 and 2. Dustin Couch’s X3, running a factory ECU with EVP Stage 5-X85 tune with EVP Launch Control and driven by Dustin Wolfe, dominated the class.



The Mod Class had several fast cars competing for the top spot. The favorite was Michael Reid, who won this event in 2022 and just set a new world record for a 43mm Turbo car running a 3.89-second 300’ at the 2023 Dome Valley Record Reset event. Reid’s “Batman” Maverick X3 has a EVP Paragon P43 Race Turbo System that is tuned on the factory ECU with EVP Launch control. Michael’s driving combined with the insane power of the EVP tuning and turbo system completely dominated the day and ran undefeated against all other competitors, most of which were running standalone ECU’s. Congratulations to Rick Spencer on his second-place finish. Rick’s car was fast and very well set up for being a fresh build.


The Outlaw Class had wicked-fast cars. EVP cars competing were Hunter Owen’s X3 Max, Reed Goering running Baby Yoda 2.0 X3, newcomer Brody Fisher with a freshly built EVP X3 drag car, and Michael Reid who decided at the last minute to enter the Outlaw Class with his Batman car. It came down to Reed Goering, Brody Fisher and Michael Reid in the semifinals. Brody’s car was by far the fastest at the track, but a belt problem at the starting line cost him the race against Reid.

The finals came down to Goering against Reid, with Michael getting the jump on Goering on the tree after the deep trenches in the track caused Goering to bottom out, allowing Reid to barely edge out the win. Both Reid and Goering are running EVP Paragon Race Turbo Systems with factory ECU tuning by Jim Zuccone.

Brody Fisher was running an EVP-built DS-600 TiAL/Desert Storm Turbo System with Motec USA engine management tuned by EVP’s Dan Picht.

Congratulations to all Team EVP Racers for the Outlaw podium sweep!

If you’re interested in competing in any SXS racing discipline, be sure to hit up EVP’S Joseph Biggott at EVP has a wide range of products and in-house services that can get you in the game. And with record-setting cars running both standalone and stock ECU’s, working with EVP means you can be competitive on virtually any budget.

Thank you to Hunter and Mckenzie Owen, SXSUSA, and the Spring Hoedown event team for putting on a great show! See you all at Visions June 14-18 at Mid America Offroad in Jay, Oklahoma!

And a special thanks to Stephanie Reid for helping Team EVP behind the camera to capture all the action!


EVP Brand Parts on these race vehicles:
EVP XR Series Engines
Paragon Turbos
Desert Storm Turbos
Torrent C Plenums
Torrent B Plenums
XR Series engine components
EVP Badass Belts

Special thanks to the companies EVP works with:
Spectrum Turbos
TiAL Sport
Shock Therapy
Tapp Clutch
Opus Precision
Injector Dynamics
Paul Yaw
STM Powersports
PWR intercoolers
Sand Tires Unlimited
Ignite Fuels
VP Fuels





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