Great weekend of racing, record breaking, badass exhibitions and more!

Dan Picht and the EVP Desert Storm Can-Am X3 reclaimed the 50mm record on a blistering pass with an ET of 3.533 seconds @ 87.52 MPH. The best part: the record was broken in only 3 passes!

The EVP Stage 2 engine block and Stage 3 cylinder head along with EVP’s proprietary processes have produced the most powerful and durable stock block engine packages available anywhere. Turbochargers are another key piece of the equation. EVP’s exclusive Paragon turbochargers are engineered to make the most power per PSI of boost and survive at the insane level of pressure required to make nearly 700 HP from a 50mm turbo on a 900cc engine. At this power level, there is no room for mistakes in the tuneup. Dan has been tuning race cars, sleds and SxS's for most of his life, and is among the best in the industry.


To get the power to the ground, EVP uses TAPP primary clutches and an STM secondary clutch with proprietary EVP calibrations and modifications. The EVP Tapp primary sets the standard for performance and durability in the industry. Hand-in-hand with clutching are the EVP Badass belts – no belts are more durable than these. To reclaim a world record like this, everything has to come together just right and this is where EVP shines.

Congratulations to Dan, Jake, Brian, Joseph and the entire EVP team! 

The EVP boys also brought their shop RZR Pro R and got to exhibition it against SXSBlog's 800 HP Hellcat-powered CF Moto UFORCE. It was an arm-drop race and Dan let the SXSBlog boys go first, but the 730 HP EVP Pro R drove right around the V8-powered UTV.

The EVP Pro R has the consumer turbo kit with a few changes – it has a mildly built engine (BC Pistons and Rods) stock head, stock cams, stock plenum, EVP Paragon P57 Turbocharger (vs P54 for the consumer kit), plus EVP’s new proprietary drop-in fuel system/surge tank and a standalone ECU. We have built a few of these versions for our customers and all they can say is "WOW!" 

In the SXSBlog Fast 16 Race, there was no shortage of fast cars and other shop cars that were hand-chosen to compete by the SXSBlog Crew. There was a Hayabusa-powered X3, a few Pro R’s, and some shop-built cars including the current 43mm record holder, as well as a 46mm car from the same company.

EVP customer Michael Reid’s "Batmobile" — powered by an EVP Stage 2 Engine Package and EVP Paragon P43R turbo system tuned on the factory ECU by EVP Co-Owner Jim Zuccone — savaged the entire field. This victory proves once again that a well-tuned factory ECU car — even with a smaller turbo — can beat up on other cars running standalone ECU's and larger turbos. EVP has pushed the tuning envelope of the OEM ME17 and MG1 ECU's farther than anyone else with more power and with EVP’s proprietary integrated launch control. This gives customers the ability to be competitive in drag racing without the expense of a standalone ECU.

Of course, Mike and Stephanie Reid work very hard on their car to make it the best it can be, and Mike’s driving is always on point. This win is the latest in a winning streak that the Reid’s have been on. Congratulations Mike and Steph! (Also a huge thanks to Stephanie Reid for capturing all the action behind the lens!)

Thanks and congrats to the SXSBlog crew for another killer event! And a special thanks to the following companies that contribute to our race programs:

Spectrum Turbos
Opus Precision
Tapp Clutch
Shock Therapy
Knutson Fabrication
Brian Crower
Sand Tires Unlimited
Keizer Wheels
TiAL Sport
STM Powersports
Injector Dynamics
Motec USA

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