Aug 23rd 2019, the 12th annual IATVHSS Heartland Challenge in Carlisle, IA has been considered one of the toughest and grueling UTV competitions in the U.S. for over a decade. The SXS racers were put to the challenge with a four-hour race that started as the sun set on Friday night.  The combination of a woods race with rocks, logs, and tire obstacles section mixed with some open field racing taking place in both the dusk and night makes for a great race that changes from lap to lap.  Evolution Powersports racers and tuned vehicles were ready for the challenge in the Pro Turbo class. EVP Racers: Jason Watt / Matt Rowell, Kyle Chaney / Josh Martell and Scottie Lawrence / Jeff Vanasdal were the first 3 cars to enter the woods section after dominating the land rush start.  All 3 cars stayed out front until Lawrence lost power steering and later had to retire due to a broken axle.  Chaney lead most of the enduro with Watt close behind in 2nd. By the 2hr mark Chaney / Martell had a half track lead and were running a very consistent pace and hoping to cruse the last 2 hours when they had a front prop shaft let go. They pulled into the pits while the team worked on trying to get the broken shaft out. As they were finishing up getting the shaft they had lost the lead they had. Chaney / Martel regained the lead until the final lap when a rear axle gave up and left them stranded with one wheel left spinning. Jason Watt / Matt Rowell ran a consistent pace and had zero failures using EVP clutch and engine upgrades.  Their strategy of running their own race paid off as they landed in the #1 spot at the end while Chaney / Martell were able to hold onto the second position. 

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