2023 Sand Outlaws Finals in Glamis, CA

The Glamis Sand Outlaws Finals are always exciting, and the 2023 finals did not disappoint. Evolution Powersports had 3 racers going into the last race of the season: Hunter Law from R&R Motorsports, Pro Stock 43mm Class; Raphael Vargas from R&R Motorsports, Duner 46mm Class; and Brandon Toole from EVP Mode, Outlaw Class.

Hunter Law came into the finals fresh off setting a new world record for the fastest MPH in the (E/UTV) E/Pro UTV class with some changes to his 43mm Can-Am X3. Knowing that this race was a bit longer than others, Hunter made chassis and clutching changes to car. With the help of EVP’s Brandon Toole and Jim Zuccone, Hunter got the TAPP primary and STM secondary clutches dialed. Jim Zuccone was not able to be at the race but was tuning the vehicle remotely.

Image courtesy of World Sand Drag News (WSDN)

Everything came together and Hunter completely dominated the field, taking out each competitor without a single loss to win the Glamis Finals. Not only that, but Hunter also had both the fastest ET and MPH for the day. Hunter’s Can-Am X3 is built by R&R Motorsports in Vernal, Utah running an EVP P43R turbo system tuned on the OEM Can-Am Bosch ECU.

Hunter’s engine has been run all season without any refreshes or failures, which is a testament to the power and durability of the EVP engine package and EVP tuning. Hunter is the only vehicle in the 43mm class using the stock ECU and once again proves that the expense of a standalone is not necessary when you have EVP tuning. Evolution Powersports has elevated factory ECU tuning and features to a level that is unrivaled in the industry.

This win in Glamis also cemented Hunter firmly atop the 2023 Sand Outlaws Pro Stock Class season points standings. Congrats to Hunter and the entire R&R Motorsports family for a hard-earned 2023 Pro Stock Class Season Championship!

Raphael Vargas also came into the Glamis finals fresh off his worlds record for the fastest MPH in the (D/UTV) D/Pro UTV with some minor changes to the clutching and chassis for the longer hill race. Raphael’s Can-Am X3 with P46R turbo system and Emtron ECU tuned by Brandon Toole had some of the fastest ET’s for the day. The car was so fast, the competition had to turn up their car until it blew.

Even though Raphael’s car was the top car in the field, several starting line problems plagued him, but he still finished with a respectable 4th place for the race and rounded out the season with a 3rd place in overall points.

Raphael’s engine has also been run all season without any refreshes or failures, another testament to the power and durability of the EVP engine packages and tuning.   

Brandon Toole came into the Sand Outlaws finals ready to rumble. The 1200cc Ski Doo, compound turbo power package is by far the most powerful in the field. Coming into this race leading by just two points, Brandon knew it was going to be a dog fight. He made the decision to call out Scott Hughes first round.

Unfortunately, we fought some ignition issues under very high boost, which cost us the win and ultimately resulted in an early exit from the race. Brandon and the EVP.MOde M8 car ended up 3rd place in overall points for the season. Congratulations to Jeremy for the race win and Scott for another championship.  

EVP Brand Parts on these race vehicles:
EVP XR Series Engines
Paragon Turbos
Desert Storm Turbos
Torrent C Plenums
Torrent B Plenums
EVP Mode
XR Series engine components
EVP Badass Belts

Special thanks to the companies EVP works with:
Spectrum Turbos
Shock Therapy
Tapp Clutch
Opus Precision
Injector Dynamics
Paul Yaw
STM Powersports
TiAL Sport Genuine Products
PWR intercoolers
Sand Tires Unlimited
VP Fuels


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