RACE RECAP: Sand Outlaws Sand Hollow 2022

The Sand Hollow Sand Outlaws 2022 was one of the best of the Sand Outlaws Series to-date.  Over 40 cars spread across four classes made the trip to Sand Hollow, Utah to race against one another. Thanks to Marcus and Scott for getting the track setup for test and tune three days before the race. The series keeps getting better and better, and all of the cars are blazing fast.


Outlaw Class
At the drivers meeting, Jason Wolf called out Brandon Toole. Jason’s car is a Z1-powered Polaris XPT and is one of the class leaders. Brandon was able to get the jump on Jason and beat him to the 300’ mark riding a wheelie all the way down the track. The next race was against D&M’s wicked fast outlaw car.  Unfortunately, a huge wheelie caused Brandon to get out of the throttle and we took a loss for round two. In round 3, we drew Jason Wolf again – unfortunately, the engine developed a misfire which resulted in our second loss. The M8 car continues to progress and is quickly becoming a contender among the fastest cars in the world. With some chassis improvements, we will be able to harness the insane power of the 1200 Ski-Doo compound turbo setup. Even with the extended chassis, it is very hard to keep the nose down with all the power this package makes. 


Mod Class
The Desert Storm car, driven Dan Picht, continues to be at the top of the class in performance and this weekend was no exception. Racing at Sand Hollow, Utah presented a different type of sand, which had more traction than the typical sand outlaw “soft tracks” and made for spectacular wheelies during competition. The EVP team quickly countered with some chassis adjustment that kept the car from wheeling and pushed the car to a new personal best time at this event. Round #1, Dan raced James Servey, where James took the win on a holeshot in a very close race at the finish line. Round #2, Dan Raced Jayden Muchmore and took the round win, moving Dan into round #3. In round 3, Dan raced Brody Penoyer in the closest race of the weekend for mod class. Both cars left the starting line quickly, and at the 300-foot mark the time slip showed that the two cars were within .001 where Brody edged out Dan for the win. Brody moved onto the final and took the win against Brad Myers. Congratulations to Brody and the D&M team for the win. Dan Picht remains the mod class points leader going into the last race of the season at Glamis, where these cars will have to battle it out for the series points championship.

Duner Class
EVP Customers Brandon Ristau, Glen Chubach and newcomer Raphael Rivera all came out swinging with their new Paragon header turbo race kits using the class legal 46mm turbo. Glen’s car was making so much power that he could not keep the front wheels on the ground and got knocked out in the first two rounds.  Brandon took an early win but was knocked out in round 3 due to an unknown engine issue. It’s remarkable that Brandon has been running the same engine for more than 4 years; a testament to how durable the EVP engine program is. Brandon’s engine had more than 500 hits and on it 300-700’ at a time. Brandon will be back in force for the next race.


Raphael Rivera was attending his first ever Sand Outlaw race in his new EVP-built Sand Outlaw Duner Class car. Raphael is also the owner of R&R Motorsports, which is an EVP dealer. Raphael’s car made consistent passes throughout the day which took him to the final where he was able to take the win. This was an incredible achievement considering his car had a full cage, aftermarket doors and other accessories which made his car 100 pounds heavier than the other top cars. Raphael’s driving combined with the power of the EVP Paragon Turbo System, EVP clutching, and being the only team to use the factory Can-Am ECU re-tuned for these huge horsepower kits by Jim Zuccone, allowed Raphael and team EVP to take the win! Congratulations to Raphael on a hard-fought win in this very competitive class.

Stock Class
EVP customer Hunter Law from R&R Motorsports took second place in the stock class with his 2019 Can Am X3 with full cage and doors running an off-the-shelf EVP X85 tune and EVP Clutching.

Thank you to the Sand Outlaw Series, Greg Biffle, Christina Biffle, Scott Hughes, Marcus, Jake and all of the men and women who volunteer their time and resources so we have a series to race. See you all in Glamis in January 2023!

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