Evolution Powersports (EVP) a leader in the powersports industry for software tuning, exhaust systems, intake systems, clutching and turbo systems is proud to introduce our performance upgrade systems for the 2019 Polaris XPT/S EVAP California Models.  With this new model introduction came changes to the fuel system and how the fuel pressure is controlled. Understanding the new 2019 Turbo / S CA Fuel System: Polaris made many changes to both the fuel system and tuning of the Bosch ME17 ECU in this new model. The biggest change was the fuel system  went from a return style, rising rate setup to a return-less fuel configuration.  The new hardware includes a separate PWM fuel pump controller which varies the pressure based upon input from an inline fuel pressure sensor and ECU programming.  The PWM controller accomplishes this by raising and lowering the voltage to the fuel pump depending on fuel demand.  When the vehicle is keyed on, the fuel pressure initially rises to approximately 70psi.  Once the engine is started, the fuel pressure drops to 40 psi and stays there until the engine sees boost pressure.  In boost, the controller raises the fuel pressure back to 70 psi.  This New fuel system makes for a much better running and safer setup as compared with earlier models.  The fuel return fuel line has been eliminated and the fuel lines have been moved to the left side of the engine. EVP has made more power with our tuning on this new model than the previous generation, stock turbo and stock injector vehicle.  Stages 1-5R utilizes the stock injectors and stock fuel pump!  Dyno Testing / Tuning and Field Testing:   Evolution Powersports has completed dyno and field testing of the 2019 XP Turbo / S EVAP California model.  We baseline dyno tested the 168 crank HP Turbo S on our Dynojet chassis dyno at 140 wheel HP which translates to about a 17% drivetrain loss.  We installed our EVP Performance ECU software calibration to improve overall power of the engine on pump 91 octane fuel and gained a tremendous power improvement over stock. The EVP software tune unlocked an additional ~14 whp from this 925CC Polaris Prostar engine on 91 octane fuel with stock exhaust.  Additionally, the cooling fans are triggered 15 degrees cooler, the rev limits and speed limits are raised and the ignition and fuel tables are calibrated for optimal power. Additional improvements are achieved with our exhaust upgrade and Stage 2 (91 Octane) software at ~157 WHP. Our Stage 3 (93 octane) delivers ~159 WHP.  Stage 4R (95 Octane) produces ~165 WHP and Stage 5R (E85) puts down ~171 WHP.  More details about each stage are found below. Stock Baseline 91 octane: ~140 WHP / ~168 HP Stage 1 ECU Upgrade 91 Octane (Stock Exhaust): ~154 WHP / ~186 HP Stage 2 ECU Upgrade 91 Octane (Slip On Exhaust): ~157 WHP / ~189 HP Stage 3 ECU Upgrade 93 Octane (Slip On Exhaust): ~159 WHP / ~192 HP Stage 4R ECU Upgrade 95 Octane (Slip On Exhaust): ~165 WHP / ~198 HP Stage 5R ECU Upgrade E85 Ethanol (Slip On Exhaust):  ~171 WHP / ~206 HP

Dyno Representation of the performance gains with the EVP Performance Upgrades - Power is measured at the wheels.  ~17% drivetrain loss

Summary: EVP has spent many years developing software for the Polaris XPT platform with our fleet of company owned XPT’s (16 XPT, 17 XPT, 18 XPT “S” & 19 XPT “S” CA EVAP) to enhance the performance of this iconic vehicle.  Our continued R&D of this platform allows us to stay on the cutting edge with industry leading performance. When looking to purchase a tune for your $20,000+ vehicle, the first thing you should ask the tuning company is “do you own a XPT?”  Most companies do not even own an XPT yet 4 of them like we do.  They essentially “borrow” a vehicle for a few days to perform development.  At EVP, we believe that in order to perform proper R&D, the vehicle must be owned so the necessary development can be done both on the dyno and in real world conditions.  Our company owned XPT’s have spent countless hours on the dyno to test different software calibrations and hardware components.  Once the tuning was completed, our vehicles were field tested in Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Minnesota, Utah and Wisconsin.  These places represent the vast majority of conditions our customers drive their vehicle and this helps to ensure the tuning is optimized and tested in the environment our customers ride. Polaris XPT / S ECU Programming – Standard Tune Features: -Diagnostic Port flash through our extensive worldwide dealer network -Compatible with our industry leading Maptuner X -end user device. Mail order ECU Flashing also available -Different stages of software depending on exhaust upgrades and fuel octane -Rev limits raised to 9300 -Speed limit raised to 120 MPH -Left foot braking enabled (gas and brake at the same time without going into limp mode) -Fan on temps lowered (for a cooler running engine) -Boost, Fueling and Ignition Optimized / More aggressive throttle / TQ limits removed *On Mail order ECU’s, our bench flash procedures does not require opening of the ECU.  The factory seal is retained Website Product Link: 19 XPT/S CA EVAP Product Page Follow is on Social Media: Website: www.evopowersports.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/evolutionps Instagram: www.instagram.com/evo_powersports Evolution Powersports Email Address: For more details or to place an order, please contact us at: info@evopowersports.com or call 715-247-3862

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