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Polaris Shift-Tek Billet Clutch Cover for 2021 XP Turbo/S

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Don’t let a weak cast part ruin your trip and cost you thousands of dollars!  Keep your primary clutch together with our CNC machined, anodized clutch cover. The OEM clutch is fairly well designed, except for the clutch cover, which is a weak cast aluminum part. Our Shift-Tek Billet Clutch Cover solves the strength issue while also giving your clutch a stylish upgrade.

  • CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum
  • Anodized for strength, corrosion resistance and aesthetics

← you gotta see the video!

1 x Polaris Shift-Tek Billet Clutch Cover for 2021 XP Turbo/S

Keep your primary clutch together! The Polaris primary clutch has been plagued with issues from the day it was launched (See video). The clutch is fairly well designed except for the clutch cover which is a weak cast aluminum part.  The EVP Shift-Tek Billet Clutch Cover solves part of the strength problem by adding structural rigidity and reducing the clutch tower movement which is one of the reasons they fail. Our cover is CNC machined from a solid block of aluminum, then anodized for strength, corrosion resistance and aesthetics. Don’t let a weak cast part ruin your trip and cost you thousands of dollars!  MADE IN THE U.S.A

Works great with the EVP Shift Tek Clutch Kit for the Pro XP!

2021 RZR XP Turbo/S

This product is exempt from the emission standards and related requirements of 40 C.F.R. § 1051 as provided by 40 C.F.R. § 1051.620, and California law [e.g., vehicle code§§ 27156 and 38391]. This product is sold only for use in connection with EPA -certified, purpose-built, nonroad vehicles used solely for closed course, nonroad competition/racing and not used for any recreational purpose or on public highways or right of ways maintained by and open to the public. This product is sold only in connection with machines that do not fall under state and/or federal noise or emission standards/regulations. Purchasers who/that purchase this product represent and warrant that the product is purchased only in connection with EPA -certified, emission-regulations-exempt and noise-regulations-exempt competition/racing vehicles as interpreted under applicable state and/or federal law. Questions: Call Evolution Powersports at (715) 247-3862.


My car is absolutely insane. LOVE it. Thank you for everything. Zero issues and even in 95 degree ambient it's not over heating dining or anything. This power dining is 100% perfect. Car is a beast. You guys Rock! - Dynomite Turbo Kit


Evolution Powersports has a reputation of the utmost quality and attention to detail on every product they design. From within the industry and outside, I have heard nothing but great things about this company and my experience has been the same. If you are looking to make more reliable power this company can get you there. Both customer service and product design are top notch and they stand behind their work!

Blake S

Don’t spend much of your money here unless you want gobs and gobs of reliable power

Collision Vision

I wouldn’t go with another company if you payed me

Ryan L

If you truly want to build your project with the best possible parts available, buy EVO. They not only build with the best materials they test and test to make sure you are getting the performance gains they say you will but that the mods will be safe and keep the reliability of the machine as high as possible. Thanks again to both Jim and Todd. Keep it up guys!

John K

Great customer service!
I have had such a great experience with EVO over the course of a year, I wouldn’t even try going anywhere else. Prices are fair and the performance you receive is unreal!!

Dave B

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