EVP Billet Cylinder for Polaris RZR Pro XP, XPT/S, & Turbo R
EVP Billet Cylinder for Polaris RZR Pro XP, XPT/S, & Turbo R
EVP Billet Cylinder for Polaris RZR Pro XP, XPT/S, & Turbo R
EVP Billet Cylinder for Polaris RZR Pro XP, XPT/S, & Turbo R
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EVP Billet Cylinder for Polaris RZR Pro XP, XPT/S, & Turbo R

If you want to make big power with your XP Turbo, Pro XP or Turbo R, one of the most important pieces to the puzzle are the cylinders. After more than a year of development and testing, EVP has the ultimate solution.  

The new EVP Polaris Billet Cylinder assembly is a direct replacement, stock bore design that’s been built to withstand the abuse high-boost power packages demand. Features that set this block apart from the cast stock unit include machined 6061 T6 billet construction with EVP-spec ductile iron liners, resulting in top-end stability and durability that the OEM cast aluminum cylinders cannot match. Additionally, this functional work of art features a closed top deck. All of these features keep the top end from “walking around” or shifting when under high boost and high cylinder pressure to provide a more stable sealing surface for improved head gasket life. These are a must for high-power packages!


Available with or without EVP BME Pistons, XR Series 625 Custom Aged Head Studs, and OEM gaskets. (NOTE: EVP BME Pistons are not compatible with Turbo R models.)



  • Cylinder is available separately or kitted with EVP BME Pistons, XR Series Head Studs, and OEM gaskets
  • Machined from a solid block of 6061 T6
  • Direct replacement for the OEM cylinder (stock bore)
  • Significantly enhanced strength, stability, and durability 
  • EVP-spec ductile iron liners, plus a closed top deck for added stability under high pressure
  • Compatible with Brian Crower stroker kits
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Refer to vehicle service manual for proper removal of OEM cylinder
  • Recommended to reuse (or replace if damaged) OEM Valve Cover Gasket, Valve Cover Sealing Washers, and Coolant Manifold O-Ring



  • EVP Billet Cylinder
  • EVP BME Standard Bore Pistons With Pins, Rings & Locks (9:5:1 compression)
  • EVP XR Series Custom Aged 625 Head Studs
  • Polaris OEM Base Gasket
  • Polaris OEM Head Gasket
  • Polaris OEM Camchain Tensioner Gasket
  • Polaris OEM Exhaust Gasket


*NOTE: EVP Billet Cylinders require a forged piston. Do not install with OEM or cast pistons. EVP BME Pistons are not compatible with Turbo R models.


DISCLAIMER: EVP Billet Cylinders were designed and developed in conjunction with, and specified to, our in-house racing and engine development programs. This product is intended for complete custom engine builds. If you are interested in exploring an EVP-built custom engine for your RZR, please contact us at (715) 247-3862.



This product is exempt from the emission standards and related requirements of 40 C.F.R. § 1051 as provided by 40 C.F.R. § 1051.620, and California law [e.g., vehicle code§§ 27156 and 38391]. This product is sold only for use in connection with EPA -certified, purpose-built, nonroad vehicles used solely for closed course, nonroad competition/racing and not used for any recreational purpose or on public highways or right of ways maintained by and open to the public. This product is sold only in connection with machines that do not fall under state and/or federal noise or emission standards/regulations. Purchasers who/that purchase this product represent and warrant that the product is purchased only in connection with EPA -certified, emission-regulations-exempt and noise-regulations-exempt competition/racing vehicles as interpreted under applicable state and/or federal law. Questions: Call Evolution Powersports at (715) 247-3862.
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