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While many companies have seemingly sprung up out of nowhere with the availability of new basic tuning devices. Most of these companies have limited to no experience tuning.

In most cases they don’t even own a Dyno to baseline test or measure gains/losses.

So it comes as no surprise some are selling ECU tunes with no real data to back up their power claims and minimal field testing if any at all.

Every EVP software calibration is baselined, meticulously tuned and real world tested.

Our tuning calibrations are developed on our in-house state of the art dyno facility by experts who have unrivaled OEM engine management tuning experience in the off-road industry.

Our calibration engineers have extensive understanding of how the OEM ECU’s function and have access to the entire ECU memory data.

Many other companies are using a limited tuning suite that allows them access to about 5% of what is actually inside of the vehicles “Brain”.

Additionally, our competitors build their tune with very limited 3D functionality.

We don’t tune with handcuffs on.

We have a perfectly clear picture of how the ECU works from an OEM level and have OEM quality tools to build the most advance tunes available on the market today.

Dyno Results: EVP has a state-of-the-art climate-controlled dyno facility with a 2018 model eddy brake dyno. Our dyno is calibrated properly to show correct baseline figures and realistic tuned wheel power numbers. Many companies do not publish “real” stock horsepower numbers only inflated tune figures over a low baseline number! This would have you believe that they are making tremendous gains when in fact they are not.

Our published HP figures are realistic, conservative and the results speak for themselves. Despite having among the lowest published horsepower ratings in the industry, our company vehicles, professional race teams and customers consistently finish on top!

Podium Sweep for EVP Racers
Short Course

BITD Champion CMS Racing
EVP Tuned – Desert Racing

UTV World Champion – S3 Racing
Desert Short Course

Dyno Tires: Changing tires can make a HUGE difference in power readings! Smaller diameter tires will yield higher horsepower readings on an inertia-based dyno with a CVT clutch. The reason is smaller diameter tires accelerate the dyno drum faster due to the lower gear ratio which yields higher numbers. We are meticulous with our dyno testing and we have identical sets of dyno tires that we use specifically to measure every vehicle we test. This allows us to be consistent throughout all our testing and tuning. Additionally, we do not use OEM dirt tires for dyno testing. These tires do not have enough grip on the dyno to accurately measure power.

Racing: EVP works directly with and supplies software calibrations and products to top race teams throughout the world. Our championship winning tunes are powering many of the vehicles that are consistently on the podium in various race series. Our software calibrations power top racecars competing in BITD, SCORE, LUCAS, WORCS, SXSSPORTS, AXCC, Ultra4, SRRS, NRRS, DAKAR etc. Tuning in the race environment helps us to push the limits of performance while maintaining the balance of reliability. We could fill this page up with hundreds of race winning photos but here are a few highlights:

Testing & Tuning: Off road tuning is NOT like tuning automobiles! Off road vehicles need to perform in conditions cars and trucks will rarely see. Our vehicles are tested in the sweltering desert heat at wide open throttle for miles at a time in the deserts of AZ/Nevada/California/Mexico. Pounded in the sand while climbing steep dunes in Glamis, Dumont, St Anthony, Sand Mountain or in the Middle East. Ice racing in sub-zero temperatures in Wisconsin or Alaska. These are only some examples of unrealistic REAL condition’s our vehicles will be tested in on a regular basis. Many “tuners” do not understand this and don’t know how to account for all these conditions safely and efficiently. Additionally, they do not spend the time and resources to properly test in all the conditions these vehicles will encounter. EVP is dedicated to producing the best software available and to achieve this, we purchase our own fleet of test vehicles for tuning and real-world validation. This allows us to spend the adequate time required to perfect our tunes in the different conditions our customers will enjoy their vehicle.

EVP X3 Testing In Dumont, CA

EVP X3 Testing – Sand Hollow, Hurricane UT

EVP X3 Testing – Balsom Lake, WI

EVP XPT “S” Testing – Little Sahara Recreation Area, Utah

Tuning Suite: We develop all our ECU calibrations using software and tools that are on par with the OEM developers. Our 3D mapping software provides us ultra-fine detail to make modifying different tables more precise which translates to a more refined tune. Our engineers have access to ALL (thousands of maps and tables) of the ECU while most other “tuners” use a software suite with access to roughly 50 maps to build a tune. The OEM level of access we have translates into calibrations that have set the industry standard for features that are expected today – cooling fan manipulation, race start, torque limits adjusted /removed, speed limits adjusted /removed, intercooler fan manipulation, two-foot braking, V-Map multi map tuning and the list goes on. The new ECU features we will be launching later in 2019 will further set the bar even higher. Stay tuned!

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