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2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP Shift-Tek Ultimate Clutch Kit (High Engagement ~2600 RPM)

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The CVT (continuously variable transmission) drive system on the Polaris RZR is one area where you can see huge performance gains, without breaking the bank. CVT clutching is all about controlling the amount of belt slip between the drive clutch (primary clutch) and driven clutch (secondary clutch). Changing a few components within the inside of the clutches can improve performance, drivability, and the longevity of your machine. Clutching varies between riding styles, whether trail riding, drag racing, or rock climbing the machine needs to be clutched properly. 

Our Ultimate Shift-Tek Clutch Kit includes adjustable weights, silver spring, and helix. It has enough adjustability to compensate for all the power levels from stage 1 all the way through X85 tunes. The notched weights with the EVP silver spring will raise engagement to approximately 2600 RPM, which is ideal for our launch control tunes. Additionally, the included 36-42 helix helps improve take off and get more out of your machine's top speed, which helps gain optimum performance out of your vehicle's driven clutch.

Does not fit 2021 Pro XP

1 x 2020 Polaris RZR Pro XP Shift-Tek Ultimate Clutch Kit (High Engagement ~2600 RPM)


  • Notched (High Engagement) Adjustable Weight Kit
  • High Engagement Silver Spring (~2600 RPM Engagement)
  • 36-42 Progressive Helix
  • Does not fit 2021 Pro XP


If you're looking for more out of your machine, but not sure where to begin, clutching is your answer. Clutching can be done without doing other modifications to the machine, depending on what clutching stage you chose to go with. From the factory, the Polaris RZR Pro XP has a basic clutching set up and with a few modifications you can take your machine to a whole new next riding level!

The EVP team has dedicated hours of engineering and designing calibrated clutch kits to provide our customers with the best riding experiences out there. We know each customer and machine are set up differently so our clutch kits are fully adjustable and can be dialed in to each machine, so the customer gets the most bang for their buck.

EVP Difference:

Adjustable Weights:
Here at EVP, we know all riders aren't the same, that’s why we offer a couple different options for primary clutch weights 

  • Notched (High Engagement) - Included in this Ultimate Clutch Kit
    • Notched weights are for the riders who want to beat everyone else off the starting line. The notched adjustable weights raise engagement to approximately 2300rpm. Leaving the starting line at higher rpm’s gives the machine a better launch and wont bog the engine down, letting the machine reach peak rpm quicker.  
  • Non-Notched (Low Engagement) 
    • We offer non-notched adjustable weights for the riders who don’t want high engagement, but still want the flexibility to dial in the exact riding rpm. 

Primary Springs: The primary clutch spring is all about resistance. The higher the resistance, the higher the RPM engagement. Low engagement springs are designed for smoother takeoffs and more feasible for trail riders who vary speeds constantly. High engagement springs are more desired for racing and drag set ups. The Silver High Engagement Spring thats included in this kit, increases engagement to 2600 RPM compared to the stock spring with 1800 RPM engagement.  

Helix: The helix lives within the secondary clutch. The helix helps apply pressure to the CVT drive belt. There are two types of helixes, straight and progressive cut. Straight helixes will have the same angle cut the whole duration. A progressive helix will have two different cuts for different shift points. Different helix's with more aggressive or less aggressive angles can adjust the pressure on the belt and shift points. If you get too aggressive with the helix angle, and don't adjust the secondary spring stiffness you will cause belt slip. If your RPM's are too low, a shallower range helix and/or stiffer secondary spring will raise RPM's. This will also provide more belt squeeze which is useful if you're experiencing belt slip. Conversely, if your RPM's are too high, a steeper range helix and/or softer secondary spring will lower RPM's.

    This product is exempt from the emission standards and related requirements of 40 C.F.R. § 1051 as provided by 40 C.F.R. § 1051.620, and California law [e.g., vehicle code§§ 27156 and 38391]. This product is sold only for use in connection with EPA -certified, purpose-built, nonroad vehicles used solely for closed course, nonroad competition/racing and not used for any recreational purpose or on public highways or right of ways maintained by and open to the public. This product is sold only in connection with machines that do not fall under state and/or federal noise or emission standards/regulations. Purchasers who/that purchase this product represent and warrant that the product is purchased only in connection with EPA -certified, emission-regulations-exempt and noise-regulations-exempt competition/racing vehicles as interpreted under applicable state and/or federal law. Questions: Call Evolution Powersports at (715) 247-3862.


    My car is absolutely insane. LOVE it. Thank you for everything. Zero issues and even in 95 degree ambient it's not over heating dining or anything. This power dining is 100% perfect. Car is a beast. You guys Rock! - Dynomite Turbo Kit


    Evolution Powersports has a reputation of the utmost quality and attention to detail on every product they design. From within the industry and outside, I have heard nothing but great things about this company and my experience has been the same. If you are looking to make more reliable power this company can get you there. Both customer service and product design are top notch and they stand behind their work!

    Blake S

    Don’t spend much of your money here unless you want gobs and gobs of reliable power

    Collision Vision

    I wouldn’t go with another company if you payed me

    Ryan L

    If you truly want to build your project with the best possible parts available, buy EVO. They not only build with the best materials they test and test to make sure you are getting the performance gains they say you will but that the mods will be safe and keep the reliability of the machine as high as possible. Thanks again to both Jim and Todd. Keep it up guys!

    John K

    Great customer service!
    I have had such a great experience with EVO over the course of a year, I wouldn’t even try going anywhere else. Prices are fair and the performance you receive is unreal!!

    Dave B

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