Z1 Turbo Silicone Boost Hoses with T Bolt Clamps (Green)

May 11 2015


The EVOPS Reinforced Silicone Charge tubes are a great addition to a stock 1100T and an absolute must for tuned or big turbo applications. Our hoses are thicker than the factory hoses and have much more reinforcement. They have been tested to over 80 PSI. The included T Bolt Clamps have the clamping power to keep the hoses on – even under extreme boost. Because there are only two hoses and four clamps, we minimize the margin for error and number of failure points. Aluminum charge tubes typically have many more connection points to fail, plus will absorb under hood heat causing higher intake temperatures. All of this plus they look great too!

  • Tested to over 80 PSI
  • Will not pop off like the factory hoses and clamps
  • A must for high boost applications
  • Will not absorb under hood heat like aluminum
  • 3 Year warrantee
  • Adds a customized look
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Weight 3 lbs

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