Yamaha Viper / Arctic Cat 7000 ECU Reprogramming – Turbo and Supercharged Sleds

Nov 29 2015


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Evolution Powersports is proud to announce we have completed our Viper/7000 Turbo Reflash. We have a few options depending upon which manufacturers turbo kit is installed. For kits that have low compression pistons or a head shim, we offer a rev limit increase. This makes a HUGE difference in the clutching you can run. We can set the rev limit wherever the customer wants it, but standard is 9800. The other option we have is a timing reduction & rev limit increase for high compression kits. This will allow approximately 2-3 lbs more boost on the same fuel octane you are currently running (note: fueling will need to be adjusted via a piggyback to run more boost), or reduce your octane requirements. The rev limit is also set at 9800. The Viper/7000 engine makes approximately 1.5 hp per 100 rpms over the stock rev limit. This means you will make more power at the same boost just by running more rpms.

  • Your ECU must be sent to our Somerset WI location for programming
  • Allows 2-3 lbs more boost on the same fuel octane rating or run the same boost and run lower octane fuel (Additional fuel must be added to run more boost)
  • Raised rev limit makes clutching so much better – keep the weights light enough so the clutching is super responsive without banging the rev limit
  • Please download and fill out the ECU Tuning Customer Worksheet and include it with your ecu if you are sending the ecu in for reprogramming

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