May 11 2015


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Safety Flash: In this software recalibration, the way the ecu reads the water temperature sensor is rescaled so that engine protection maps are engaged 20 deg F sooner than stock (stock 212F, now 190F). This will also turn on the temp light on the dash sooner. The stock parameters are not sensitive enough to protect the engine while under boost. If the temp light comes on while on boost, it is likely that the engine will be damaged before you can react to protect it. Our software flash will alert the rider and begin to protect the engine by reducing timing to help safeguard against engine damage due to temperature induced detonation caused by high water temperatures. This flash works on ANY Normally Aspirated, Turbo or Supercharged Nytro as long as it utilizes the stock ECU

  • You must send your ECU (located in the nose of the sled) to our Somerset WI facility for reprogramming

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