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XP PRO Turbo ECU Programming

Mar 02 2020


Evolution Powersports is proud to introduce our performance upgrade systems for the 2020 Polaris PRO XP.  Although the Polaris PRO XP comes stock with 181 Engine HP (~148-150 whp), with some simple and proven performance upgrades, we have this beast pushing 218 HP with the stock turbocharger on pump 93 octane fuel.



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Dyno Testing / XP PRO Turbo ECU Programming:

We baseline dyno tested the 181 crank HP PRO XP on our Dynojet chassis dyno at 148 – 150 WHP all stock which translates to about a 18% drivetrain loss.  We installed our EVP Performance ECU software calibration to improve overall power of the engine on pump 91 octane fuel and gained a tremendous power improvement over stock. The EVP software tune alone unlocked an additional ~13 whp from this 925CC Polaris Prostar engine on 91 octane fuel with stock exhaust.  Additionally, the cooling fans are triggered 15 degrees cooler, the rev limits and speed limits are raised and the ignition and fuel tables are calibrated for optimal power. Additional improvements are achieved with our exhaust upgrade and Stage 2 (91 Octane) software at ~167 WHP. Our Stage 3R (93 octane) delivers ~178 WHP.  

Stage 4R (95 Octane) & Stage 5R (E85) tunes are in development.

  • Stage 1 ECU Upgrade 91 Octane (Stock Exhaust):  ~163 WHP / ~ 198 HP
  • Stage 2 ECU Upgrade 91 Octane (Slip On Exhaust):  ~167 WHP / ~204 HP
  • Stage 3 ECU Upgrade 93 Octane (Slip On Exhaust):  ~178 WHP / ~218 HP

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