X3 CNC Ported Head

Jan 19 2018




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X3 CNC Ported Head:

Evolution Powersports has 20+ years of big horsepower engineering experience under our belt.  EVP engine builder John Bray has built hundreds of smaller displacement big horsepower (1800 hp from 4 liters) Porsche engines and knows what it takes to make a responsive, high flowing port design.  CNC machining ensures that every port job is the same – every time. The Can Am Maverick X3 head has very small ports.  This restricts flow and limits the engine to about 275 horsepower. With porting, more air can get into and out of the cylinders.  Generally a ported head makes more power at less boost than a non ported version.  Our Stage 1 Port opens up and smooths out both the intake and exhaust and includes a complete valve job with seals and guides.  Stage 2 includes +2mm Stainless Steel intake and +2mm Inconel Super duty exhaust valves.  In addition, Stage 2 includes race valve springs, Titanium retainers and single groove locks.  This is the ultimate package for those looking for the most horsepower possible.   Stage 3 includes custom grind intake and exhaust camshafts.

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