Wildcat XX Magnum Slip-On Exhaust

Nov 06 2018




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Wildcat XX Magnum Slip-On Exhaust:

EVP is proud to offer 2 innovative exhausts for the Wildcat XX.  Both utilize the same free flowing, custom made exhaust canister.  EVP is one of the few exhaust muffler manufacturers in the SXS industry.  Most companies will take an off the shelf, China made muffler and graft a connecting pipe on the inlet and a tip on the outlet.  EVP makes each exhaust can to fit each vehicle.  By doing this, we optimize the design for sound, fitment and flow.  In addition, our packing is designed to last the life of the muffler.  Each exhaust has an integrated spark arrestor.  Our exhausts are more free flowing than the OEM exhaust and net approximately a 4 hp gain.

Wildcat XX Magnum Slip-On Exhaust – (2) versions:

PN EX-TWCXX-MAG-FV is designed to be used with the OEM rear valence. 

PN EX-TWCXX-MAG-EVPV – comes with a custom EVP black rear valence with custom color EVP inlaid logo

Both exhausts are identical in performance but have different tip locations to look correct depending upon which rear valence is used.

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