Wildcat XX ECU Programming

Oct 22 2018


Wildcat XX ECU Programming – Standard Tune Features:

  • Diagnostic Port flash -meaning your ECU does not have to be opened!
  • Horsepower gain over stock (Up to 7 WHP with slip on exhaust – up to 15 WHP with a tuned header!
  • NEW – Rev limit raised to 10,000

 photo 10000rpm dash_web_xx1_zps8vd2n88x.jpg

  • Speed limit raised to 120 MPH
  • Left foot braking enabled (gas and brake at the same time without going into limp mode)
  • Race Start (Start in gear without pushing the brake)
  • Fan on temps lowered (for a cooler running engine)
  • More aggressive throttle (pedal map revised)

EVP Exclusive Multi Map Tune Features:

  • Dash flash to enable multi map with EVP logo upon startup
  • 3 pedal maps for different riding conditions (M1 VERY aggressive (drag racing), M2 linear (duning, general trail riding) and M3 fine (rock crawling)
  • NEW -A vehicle speed limiter can be set via the dash.  This would allow younger or less experienced drivers use the vehicle more safely.  The speed limit can be pin protected for added safety!
  • NEW – Dash cluster dimming – many Wildcat XX customers complain that the dash cluster is too bright for night riding – EVP gives you the ability to dim the dash via a new menu in the cluster!


Tuning Stage *

Choose the tuning stage that matches your vehicles performance components

Multi Map option with dash flash

Note: if choosing this option, both ECU and dash will need to be sent to us

Custom Clutching

Add EVP custom clutch kit – includes one of our Badass Belts!

Clutching Specifications (for clutch kit option above)

Please input your tune(STAGE 1, 2, 3 OR 3R) tire size, tire type (paddle or offroad), primary riding type (dunes or trail) and elevation

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Wildcat XX ECU Programming:

EVP has spent many months with our company owned Wildcat XX developing ECU calibrations to enhance the performance of this vehicle.  Because of the game changing potential of the XX we have decided to go extra deep into this ECU and bring features never seen before in the SXS Market!

First, when looking to purchase a tune for your $20,000+ vehicle, the first thing you should ask the company is “do you own a Wildcat XX?”  Most companies do not and essentially “borrow” a vehicle for a week to do development with.  At EVP, we believe that in order to do proper development, the vehicle must be purchased so the necessary R&D can be done both on the dyno and in the field.  Our company owned XX has spent countless hours in the dyno room.  Once the dyno calibrations were completed, then the vehicle was loaded in our trailer and field tested in Arizona, California, Idaho, Utah, Wisconsin and Minnesota.  These places represent the vast majority of conditions our customers will ride in.  This also ensures tuning is trouble free.

The second thing you should ask is “do you need to open my ecu to flash it?” Most companies must open the Wildcat XX continental ECU in order to flash it.  EVP has developed a diagnostic port and bench flash system that does not require the ECU to be opened.  Typically an ecu that has been opened will void the vehicle warranty. 

In addition to adding some power through manipulation of timing, fueling and torque limitations, we have spent much time enhancing the overall driveablity, convenience and safety of the vehicle. 

NEW – 2019 calibrations are complete and will be available 12/15/2018!  All 2018 XX ecu flash customers will have their ECU’s brought up to 2019 specifications!  Textron made some refinements to the base tune which makes upgrading worthwhile.

The process for having your ECU flashed is simple:

  • Visit one of our flashing dealers (XX flashing dealers are being setup as at this time) and they can program through the diagnostic port. 
  • Purchase the flash you want from our website, print out your receipt and ship your ECU (and dash for multi map) to:

Evolution Powersports
2006 68th Street Suite D
Somerset WI 54025

EVP adjustable Speed Limit



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