Wildcat XX Dash Cluster Programming

Feb 21 2019


Wildcat XX Dash Cluster Programming Features:

  • When coupled with our ECU Programming, the EVP dash cluster flash enables multiple pedal maps for different driving conditions.  M1 is very aggressive for drag racing, M2 is very linear for all around duning and trail riding, M3 is very fine control for rock crawling or other technical riding
  • EVP logo upon startup
  • 3 pedal maps for different riding conditions (M1 VERY aggressive (drag racing), M2 linear (duning, general trail riding) and M3 fine (rock crawling)
  • NEW -A vehicle speed limiter can be set via the dash.  This would allow younger or less experienced drivers use the vehicle more safely.  The speed limit can be pin protected for added safety!
  • NEW – Dash cluster dimming – many Wildcat XX customers complain that the dash cluster is too bright for night riding – EVP gives you the ability to dim the dash via a new menu in the cluster!

See below for videos demonstrating these features

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Wildcat XX Dash Cluster Programming:


EVP adjustable Speed Limit

EVP Dash dimming feature:

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