Wildcat Trail/Sport Stage 2 Performance Package – ECU Programming and Exhaust

Jul 02 2015




WILDCAT TRAIL/SPORT STAGE 2 PERFORMANCE PACKAGE: The EVOPS Stage 2 Performance Package consists of our big horsepower ReFlash & our Stainless Steel Bullet Exhaust. This potent combination makes 9 HP more than stock.

  • Revised timing, fueling and rev limits to maximize performance of the 700CC Twin
  • Revised idle mixture so engine idles better
  • No need to run a “piggyback” fuel systems with our reflash for most bolt on mods (You are responsibe to make sure your mods are compatible with our programming – All EVO and most other aftermarket companies’ exhausts are compatible with our programming as well as all EVO intakes)
  • 2015 Factory updates are incorporated into the flash
  • You Tube Video: Sound Clips and Cool Videos: https://youtu.be/f7Gxpe6EVLI?list=UUy43EKLITmASAqr4dO8Nm3A
  • Colors require extra lead time. The black colored bodies are coated with an ultra high temp material which is bonded to the stainless steel shell. The inlet pipe of the muffler may discolor over time. The inside of the tips where the exhaust gasses come into contact with the coating may discolor over time.
  • Our “Bullet” Exhaust is simply the finest on the market – constructed of Stainless Steel and Billet Aluminum, it features a removable spark arrestor and packing that will last the lifetime of the vehicle.
  • Proudly made in the USA

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Weight 12 lbs

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