Wildcat Trail/Sport Stage 1.5 Performance Package




The EVOPS Stage 1.5 Performance Package consists of our big horsepower ReFlash & our Mega Flow inverted cone intake system. This potent combination makes 6-7 HP more than stock.

  • Revised timing, fueling and rev limits to maximize performance of the 700CC Twin
  • Revised idle mixture so engine idles better
  • No need to run a “piggyback” fuel controller with our reflash for most bolt on mods (You are responsibe to make sure your mods are compatible with our programming – All EVO and most other aftermarket companies’ exhausts are compatible with our programming as well as all EVO intakes)
  • 2015 Factory updates are incorporated into the flash
  • Air intake system flows much more air than stock due to its inverted cone design and greater surface area
  • Filter is washable for very long life
  • Pre Filter HIGHLY Recommended
  • You Tube Video: Sound Clips and Cool Videos: https://youtu.be/f7Gxpe6EVLI?list=UUy43EKLITmASAqr4dO8Nm3A
  • Your ECU must be sent to our Somerset, WI location. Turn around time is one day plus shipping time.

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