TCL (Torque Control Link) Delete

May 04 2015


Evolution Powersports has teamed up with Turbie Performance to manufacture a TCL Delete. The purpose of this product is to decouple the engine from the jackshaft and go back to a more traditional engine/jackshaft layout. The wobble bearings along with soft jack shafts that deflect considerably when under load coupled with excessive engine movement are the primary causes of clutch misalignment and therefore poor belt life. With our TCL elimination bracket, we are supplying a traditional straight roller bearing. We are able to do this because the jackshaft is now fixed and aligned with the chain case jack shaft bearing. Once the movement is taken out of the PTO side, the top gear in the chain case will now stay in plane with the the bottom gear and chain. Chain & gear life are vastly improved once this movement is eliminated. You will notice that on the new Viper and 7000 series, Arctic Cat has completely abandoned the TCL and have set up their engine/jackshaft like ours.This product was tested all last year along side control sleds to verify the improvements. By the end of the year, 10 times the belt life had been realized. (Over 1000 miles per belt)At a MINIMUM, our same durometer as factory, but solid instead of gear shaped motor mounts are HIGHLY recommended to keep the motor straight.

  • Greatly enhances belt life
  • Eliminates the hard link between the engine and jackshaft.
  • Eliminates the movement of the jackshaft which causes gear angle changes in the chain case which leads to chain/gear issues
  • Converts the factory China “wobble” bearing to a quality SKF straight bearing
  • Available in stages with other HIGHLY recommended products to make the best aligned primary and secondary possible

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