STM Can Am RAGE 6 Maverick Rage Primary Clutch Kit

May 04 2015


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STM’s RAGE Clutches are widely recognized in the industry as the best. While most other clutches are cast aluminum, STM’s clutches are machined from billet aluminum. Due to STM’s clutch design, tight tolerances and cam arm geometry/spring combination, they grab the belt better and provide a more aggressive upshift while maintaining good backshift. Belt life is much improved due to the open design as well as less belt slippage.The Rage 6 utilizes “helper arms” which allow further customization of the shift patternSome customizations are necessary, so if you purchase on the web, make sure to call us so we can set it up for your power level, tire size, riding conditions, etc.

  • Much smother and more aggressive shift than the OEM Clutch
  • Better belt life due to the cooling effect of an open tower, flyweight style clutch
  • 6 weight design grips the belt harder down low, but releases pressure (for belt life and back shift) once the belt is higher up in the primary sheaves

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Weight 11 lbs

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