Silicone Charge Tubes with Boost Gauge Port for Sidewinder & Thundercat

Jan 19 2017




The EVP Reinforced Silicone Charge Tubes for the Yamaha Sidewinder and Arctic Cat Thundercat are in stock and ready for big boost! Our direct replacement boost hoses have been burst tested to over 120 psi and come with high strength T Bolt Clamps for the throttle body, turbo and both sides of the intercooler. Not only are our charge tubes strong, but they add a bit of bling as well! These are designed for both stock and high boost applications and are guaranteed to never pop off! The hoses are direct replacement and have a port for the factory blow off valve and an extra port for a boost gauge. Taking boost off the fuel pressure regulator/bov line on the Sidewinder/TCat can be risky – if your boost gauge or fitting/hose leaks, you will be bleeding off fuel pressure which can lead to a lean burn down. When taken from the charge tube, there is no chance of this happening.
Red is available now, the rest of the colors around February 1st

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