Roll Over Valve for Yamaha Viper/Arctic Cat 7000

Oct 11 2016


The Yamaha Viper/Arctic Cat 7000 kit is a Premium Roll-Over Valve which feature our Electronic Roll Over Valve Control Module or ROVCM. The ROVCM increases the shut off valve performance and improves shut off valve life by using a variable voltage (pulse width) output.

Features of the ROVCM include,

A) “High output valve closing mode”  During initial valve closing, the pulse width output is increased, which increases the shut-off valve closing power by approx 150%. The increased closing strength provides a quicker response time in extreme cold and mountain riding conditions.

B)”Valve closed mode”                                                                      During valve closed mode, the pulse width voltage output is reduced. Reducing the pulse width output lowers the solenoid coil operating temperatures and significantly increases the service life of the valve!

C) “Battery voltage monitoring mode”  A micro-controller inside the ROVCM, monitors the snowmobile battery voltage while the Roll-Over Valve is on. If the snowmobile battery voltage drops to low, the ROVCM will go in to auto-shut down mode to help prevent discharging/damaging the battery due to leaving the Roll-Over Valve on for too long by mistake.

D) Reduced shut-off valve cleaning/maintenance intervals. The stronger closing power that the ROVCM provides, allows the shut-off valve to be more resistant to oil sludge build up.

E) The ROVCM has a plug and play connector, this allows standard Roll-Over Valve kits to be upgrade-able to a premium version. If you already own a 2011-2012 and latter standard Four Stroke Solutions LLC Roll-Over Valve Kit and would like to upgrade to full electronic (ROVCM) control. Simply purchase the ROVCM separately, install the ROVCM module and plug the connector in to your existing Four Stroke Solutions LLC standard roll-over valve wiring harness!

F) Ideal for mountain riding conditions when frequent use of the Roll-Over Valve is expected!

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