Precision EFI Ace 900 Turbo ECU Programming

Dec 22 2018


The Stage 1 adds 20hp to your Ski-Doo Ace 900 Turbo without changing any parts – all on 91 octane fuel. Throttle response and fuel economy have both been greatly enhanced. This ECU reflash is the perfect choice for the rider that wants a good improvement without having to purchase additional parts

  • 20 horsepower increase
  • No needed parts
  • Throttle response and fuel economy improved
  • 91 octane safe



Add Precision EFI Programmer

By selecting this option, you do not need to send your ECU and dash cluster to us – you can program your own vehicle with the PEFI tool



Precision EFI Ace 900 Turbo ECU Programming:

  • Stage 1 will add 20-HP & not having to change out any parts
  • The Throttle response has almost doubled while improving the fuel economy
  • This is a perfect choice for riders looking for improvements without the hassle of free flow exhaust system noise
  • Perfect for the trail

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