Polaris RZR XP Turbo Performance Packages

Oct 15 2015



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Exhaust heat shield & charge tube (if applicable) color

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Polaris RZR XP Turbo Performance Packages from EVP are just what RZR Turbo Customers are craving! Your choice of two of the finest exhausts with the coolest sound in the industry!  Our “Magnum” exhaust has an addictive deep exhaust note which is only slightly louder than stock.  The “Captain’s Choice allows you to select stock like sound levels or screaming straight pipe loud – right from the drivers seat!

The first in the industry cut out style “Captain’s Choice” is approximately the same dB as the OEM with the cut out closed, but with it open, you will hear the roar of the engine and the turbo screaming!  It is a 3″ turbo back exhaust that has two pathways inside the muffler.  A electric actuated exhaust valve controls whether the exhaust has to go through the quiet channel, or the second channel which is a straight pipe through the muffler.  The cut out actuator is opened by a switch on the dash.  For sound sensitive areas, or rides with the family, the cut out can be kept closed.  When racing or in non restrictive areas, the cut out valve can be opened.

Both exhausts are proudly made in the USA in Phoenix, AZ and are constructed of the finest 304 Stainless Steel.  No other manufacturer builds exhausts like we do.

Evolution Powersports was the first in the industry to tune the RZR XP Turbo and haven’t looked back since.  Nobody else in the industry has our tuning experience.  While others play catch up, we are continuing to refine our tunes for more power, drive-ability and safety.  Evolution Powersports is THE innovator in UTV & Snowmobile Performance.

  • Best in the industry tunes with the finest exhausts
  • Massive wheel horsepower gains
  • Rev limiters raised by 500 RPMS both high and low gears – custom rev limits upon request
  • Speed limiters raised: High gear-15 MPH
  • Low gear-10 MPH
  • Reverse-9 MPH
  • No piggyback fuel controllers/downloaders to mess with
  • Dramatically lowered coolant temperatures by changing the fan on/off temperatures

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