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Maverick X3 Stage 6 GT

Jun 07 2019


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Launching this summer is our long-anticipated 300+ HP Stage 6GT turbo system for the Can-am Maverick X3 turbo.  The 18-month long R&D process involved many different design phases to achieve our performance goals. With 300+ HP on tap, the only engine strengthening components required are our upgraded head studs. EVP custom profile camshafts are also added to improve the engine efficiency.  All other engine rotating assembly components can remain stock which makes installation of the Stage 6GT upgrade simple.  When designing this turbo upgrade, we defined the following criteria:

  • Maximum power utilizing stock engine internals
  • Ultra-fast turbocharger spool characteristics
  • Stock like drivability
  • Easy installation building upon other EVP upgrades
  • 91 Octane through E85 tuning options – all using the same hardware components
  • Clutching setups utilizing the OEM X3 clutches

Turbocharger: Over 50 years of combined forced induction experience along with relentless testing helped to create the Stage 6GT turbo kit.  The entire turbocharger was developed specifically for this application and includes a billet high flow compressor wheel, high flow turbine wheel, improved bearings, new bearing housing and EVP cast aluminum compressor housing. 

Improving exhaust flow was achieved by designing, testing and manufacturing a custom high capacity turbine wheel instead of modifying the OEM wheel.  Some companies are “clipping” the turbine wheel to reduce backpressure. This is frequently done when there are no other turbine wheels available as a cheap alternative or “Band-aid” to proper R&D. We chose the more laborious but superior performing option and created a purpose-built high flow turbine wheel which delivers more power with improved efficiency.


The compressor side of the Dynomite turbocharger utilizes the latest aerodynamic technology. The single blade, CNC machined billet wheel is extremely lightweight and more efficient than a traditional 2 blade design. When paired with our high flow turbine wheel, the combination provides ultra-quick turbo response time while delivering big power in the high RPMS. It is easy to make a turbo kit with incorrectly sized turbocharger that has ridiculous amount of turbo lag.  It takes much more development time and real R&D to create a turbocharger that provides the best of both worlds with OEM like quality.

Fuel System:  To deliver the adequate fuel required to support 300+ HP, we designed a rising rate fuel system with a high-volume fuel pump.  Most high-performance turbo vehicles utilize a rising rate setup for a much greater range of power on a given injector size.  Additionally, more precise fuel delivery is achieved with our setup.  Our complete fuel system was designed for easy installation utilizing OEM like components.

Camshafts: Our direct replacement camshafts are another key component to the overall performance of the Stage 6GT upgrade. Our camshaft profile provides higher lift and longer duration which helps airflow through the stock cylinder head. 

Intake Plenum: Our intake plenum has been developed to yield maximum airflow @ 30+ PSI of boost pressure.  The stock intake manifold became restrictive at this power level and became another weak link that needed to be redesigned.  Our CNC machined and hand fabricated aluminum intake manifold improves HP and TQ without adding any throttle delay.

Intercooler: Our Blizzard intercooler is another required component that rounds out the hardware components of the Stage 6GT upgrade.  Our intercooler is about 50% larger than the factory intercooler while still retaining the OEM intercooler fan for optimum performance.  Our intercooler end tanks are cast aluminum for optimal design and strength which will not leak like the OEM intercooler tanks.  The inside of each end tank is polished for maximum flow while withstanding up to 50 pounds of boost!  Our stringent R&D testing and manufacturing procedures ensure optimized results with better than OEM quality and performance.  

Tuning: This is the final and arguably one of the most important components of the complete performance package.  We develop all our ECU calibrations using software and tools that are on par with the OEM developers. Our 3D mapping software provides us ultra-fine detail to make modifying different tables more precise which translates to a more refined tune.  The overall power of this turbo system is phenomenal and with 110 or E85 fuel, this upgrade produces well over 300 engine horsepower.  Additionally, we have tuning options for 91, 93, 95, 100 octane fuels for virtually all driving conditions.  Customers with Maptuner can easily switch between tunes depending upon fuel availability without making any hardware changes. 

Those that have experienced the Stage 6GT are blown away by the overall performance and drivability that the upgrade provides.  With the instant power delivery, it is a beast in the dunes or wherever the power is unleashed.  Still need more convincing? Our Stage 6GT with our Dynomite turbocharger won the SXS Blog Shootout in May of 2019.  The competition came with their best – Motec standalone ecus, their own turbo upgrades, etc. Our Stage 6GT in consumer trim with the OEM Can Am ECU was undefeated.  There was not a car at this event that could come close.  Our Stage 6GT was 3-5 lengths ahead of any of the other tuners vehicles.  Final details and pricing will be released later this month so Stay tuned!

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