Maverick X3 Shift-Tek Helixes

Nov 14 2019


All helix packages come with helix, adjustable billet bearing housing, no mar tip for the OEM belt tool and the billet belt/sheave tool.  Helixes are also available as a single part in the drop down menu for customers that already have our billet bearing housing.

NOTE: EVP Helix angles do not correspond directly to the OEM angle stampings.  EVP Helixes are approximately about 3 degrees less than the number stamped on the part.  For example an EVP 41-55 helix, when measured like the factory helix behaves like a 38-52.  Please adhere to the recommendations below for the correct selection.  If you are looking for a complete clutch package, see our Shift-Tek complete packages page.

General recommendations are as follows:

  • 2020 X3 RR 195 HP – all stock turbo tune levels – 43-53 Helix with OEM secondary spring and stock weights
  • 2018-2019 X3 172 HP – all stock turbo tune levels – 40-51 Helix with OEM primary and secondary spring and stock weights
  • 2017 X3 154 Hp – all stock turbo tune levels – 38-48S Helix with OEM primary and secondary spring and stock weights


Evolution Powersports Maverick X3 Shift-Tek Helix Packages consist of technology originally developed for racing where adjustability and versatility play a key role to winning success.  Our billet helix packages are for customers who are looking for the adjustability of the Shift-Tek system, but have their own primary clutch setup.  Our helix angles are all custom and the numbering system somewhat correlates to the stock values.  Since clutching is a balance between the primary and secondary, there is no one “magic” helix angle.  EVP cannot make specific recommendations if your primary clutch setup has components from another company.  However, generally if your rpm are too low, a shallower range helix and/or stiffer secondary spring will raise rpm. This will also provide more squeeze on the belt which is useful if you are experiencing belt slip.  Conversely, if your rpm are too high, a steeper range helix and/or softer secondary spring will lower rpm.  This will allow the secondary clutch open faster which can be beneficial under certain circumstances.

For those who already have our Billet Bearing Housing, other helixes are available separately in the drop down menu.

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Weight 4 lbs

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