Maverick X3 High Speed Gear Box Upgrade

Jun 19 2018


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Evolution Powersports is proud to offer a Maverick X3 High Speed Gear Box Upgrade.  In stock form, the OEM clutches are fully shifted out at about 67 mph.  This means that above 67, you are using engine RPM and your final drive ratio to achieve the top speed.  By adding 10% to the final drive, your clutches will reach maximum shift at a higher mile per hour which in turn will allow you to reach higher top speeds (horsepower dependent).  This is the ultimate upgrade for customers who are looking for higher top speeds.  Everything, including 4wd is maintained (Speedometer will be off by about 10%).  Many of our drag race and high speed customers have opted for this upgrade with great results.  100+ mph is possible with this EVP upgrade. (NOTE: Professional racers have driven X3s to these 100+ mph speeds – EVP does not recommend or endorse driving an X3 or any other SXS above factory rated speed limits.

Note: Gear box may or may not be used.  All gearboxes received as a core exchange are fully inspected.  Worn parts/seals are replaced and are taken out of the core refund. 

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Weight 120 lbs

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