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Maverick X3 DYNOMITE Turbo Systems – Upgrade From Other Stages

Dec 12 2019


Note: All turbo kits require a full exhaust and clutching which can be purchased separately.  An aluminum intake plenum or OEM plenum reinforcement is HIGHLY recommended!

Switching between tunes does not require ANY hardware changes or wastegate adjustments.  Changing tunes is simply siphon the old fuel out, put the desired fuel in the tank and reprogram the ECU with Maptuner to match the fuel selection.

Please call our sales department for other upgrade options not listed here.



“Maverick X3 DYNOMITE Turbo Systems – Up to 310 HP – 2017-2020 All X3 Models (including the 2020RR)

The “Dynomite” turbocharger is a complete direct replacement turbocharger which incorporates a new high efficiency cast header/exhaust housing built specifically for the 900CC Rotax engine. This turbo system was designed to extract the most power from a relatively stock Maverick X3 engine while producing excellent turbo spool characteristics. The Dynomite turbocharger provides instantaneous boost response with an intense amount of top end power that never fades. This turbocharger is an excellent option for those who want to maximize the power of a relatively stock engine and can utilize existing EVP customers already purchased engine upgrades. The Dynomite turbocharger exhaust outlet is identical to stock so any exhaust system that worked for the stock turbo can be reused.

We spent extra time refining the Dynomite turbo kits for maximum flexibility on various fuels. NO hardware or wastegate changes are needed – simply siphon the old fuel, put the desired fuel into the tank and reprogram the ECU with our flashing tool.  (clutching adjustments may be required to maximize performance on a given fuel).  The 91 Octane tunes deliver more power at less boost than any stock injector, stock turbo tune.  We designed the 91 Octane tunes to be used for trail riding or duning.  They are NOT intended for racing.  If you want to race with the 91 Octane tune, you must increase the octane to 93.

All kits below assume you own the following components: EVP Big Injector Kit, EVP V-Flow Intake, EVP Silicone Charge Tube Set, EVP BOV Kit, and Maptuner X with current VIN license.

Dynomite DM-275-UG6 upgrade from Stage 6 – kit includes the following components:

  • Factory ECU tuned with EVP exclusive 2 Step Launch Control option
  • 25 lbs of boost
  • 275 horsepower on 100 octane fuel
  • New complete EVP direct replacement turbocharger including exhaust manifold and wastegate
  • Silicone turbo to intercooler upper charge tube with clamps
  • Genuine Bosch 4 bar map sensors
  • EVP custom big turbo boot for existing V-flow intake
  • 91 and 100 octane tunes – up to 24 lbs of boost on 100 octane

Dynomite DM-310-UG6 upgrade from Stage 6 – kit includes all components from the DM-275-UG6 kit plus:

  • Factory ECU tuned with EVP exclusive 2 Step Launch Control option
  • 25 lbs of boost
  • 310 horsepower on 110 and E85 fuel
  • EVP Blizzard-R intercooler
  • ARP 9mm head stud kit
  • 91, 100, 110 and e85 tunes – up to 29 lbs of boost on 110 and e85

Dynomite DM-275-UGRWI upgrade from RWI big injector tunes – kit includes all in the DM-275-UG6 kit above plus:

  • Fuel pump upgrade kit

Dynomite DM-310-UGRWI upgrade from RWI big injector tunes – kit includes all components from the DM-310-UG6 kit plus:

  • Fuel pump upgrade kit



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