Maptuner X Can Am Maverick 1000 Turbo ECU Programming

Apr 02 2016


Maptuner X is a full color, touch screen consumer hand held programmer/data logging tool and much more.  Maptuner X allows you to flash Evolution Powersports tunes into your OEM ECU via the Maverick diagnostic port (next to the battery). These are the same tunes that we have spent countless hours dyno and field testing that were only available previously by sending us your ECU!   Maptuner X is NOT a piggyback controller – it can be left plugged into the diagnostic port or removed to tune another vehicle and the program remains in the ECU. Maptuner X has many other features with more being added soon!

Purchase Maptuner X by choosing your options from the drop down list.  We will ship you a new Maptuner X.   Note: multiple tunes can be stored in memory and can be switched between.  You can also purchase additional VIN licenses and tune multiple BRP vehicles with one device!

Wheel Horsepower:

2015 Wheel Horsepower:

Stock 90
Stage 1 110
Stage 2 113
Stage 3 115
Stage 4 120

2016 Wheel Horsepower:

Stock 100
Stage 1 110
Stage 2 113
Stage 3 115
Stage 4 120

Evolution Powersports Maverick Turbo Programming Features – All Stages:

  • Torque limits removed
  • Low gear rev limit 8700
  • High gear rev limit 8700
  • High/Low gear speed limiter raised
  • Improved throttle response in all modes (E-Gas Settings Improved)
  • 100% throttle in all Modes
  • Fans set to activate at 165 degrees
  • Race Start – No need to press the brake to start vehicle
  • Left Foot Brake Enabled – Allows the use of the brake and accelerator pedal at the same time
  • Fueling is corrected for the various stages so no fuel controllers are needed

Maptuner X Demo

Maptuner X Teaser

Maptuner X Features Available Now:

  • Full color, touch screen interface
  • Powerful processor with super fast uploads
  • Lots of extra memory for multiple vehicles, tunes and features
  • Download and flash Evolution Powersports tunes into your factory ECU via the OEM diagnostic port – no need to send in your ECU
  • Flash back to stock at any time!
  • Store multiple tunes on Maptuner X which can be switched in about 45 seconds
  • Flight Recorder lets customers record ECU CAN bus data to Maptuner X for viewing on PC
  • Bluetooth interfaces with a variety of wireless sensors, displays and phones
  • Works with most BRP (Can Am, Sea Doo and Ski Doo) products with Bosch ECU’s
  • One Maptuner X can be used to program and datalog multiple vehicles! (Multiple Vin Option)
  • Water resistant mount and case available in Maptuner X Accessories
  • DTC code reset
  • Service interval reset
  • ECU History delete
  • Key Programming
  • Live Datalogging including AFR input and other sensor inputs


Maptuner X Can Am Maverick 1000 Turbo ECU Programming

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