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Maptun Performance Sidewinder/SRX, Thundercat/9000/King Cat ECU Programming

Jan 06 2019


Maptun Performance has worked hard to extract big power from pump fuels!

  • Stage 1 Tune: 215 hp and a 25 hp increase over stock – for the OEM exhaust muffler – 91 Octane
  • Stage 2 Tune: 250 hp and a 60 hp increase over stock – requires a free flowing exhaust – 91 Octane
  • Stage 3 Tune: 260 hp and a 70 hp increase over stock – requires a free flowing exhaust – 91 Octane
  • Stage 4 Tune: 270 hp and a 80 hp increase over stock – requires a free flowing exhaust – 93 Octane

EVP has two options for getting your ECU programmed depending upon budget and time frame.  The options are as follows:

  • Send your ECU to our Somerset WI location for programming
  • Purchase Maptuner X which will allow you to flash your own ECU easily by Maptuner X’s color touch screen interface and included plug and play cabling – see Maptuner X details below



Add Maptuner X

With this option, there is no need to send in your ECU for programming. We send you Maptuner X which allows you to program your vehicle

Exhaust Option


Maptun Performance Sidewinder/SRX, Thundercat/9000/King Cat ECU Programming:

Maptuner X is a consumer hand held ECU tuning device similar to many diesel programmers on the market except with more capability.  With Maptuner X, you can install EVP ECU programs via its touch screen interface and supplied plug and play cable.   It is also compatible with most Polaris, BRP and Yamaha vehicles meaning you only need one device to tune many vehicles! (additional tunes must be purchased).  You can return your vehicle back to stock at any time!  Additional tunes for the same VIN can be purchased for special pricing. Other features like live datalogging will be available soon! Water resistant case and mounting systems are available in Maptuner X Accessories

All Maptun Performance Sidewinder/Thundercat tuning has the following features :

  • Raised Boost
  • Corrected fueling for exhausts, etc
  • Revised timing
  • Revised knock settings
  • Rev limit to 9500

Maptuner X Sidewinder/Thundercat/9000/King Cat Instructions


Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

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