Koso North America X-2 Boost Gauge with Air/Fuel Ratio and Temperature BA029001

May 04 2015


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  • Easy-to-read LCD digital display
  • Conveniently displays boost, air/fuel ratio and cooling system or intercooler temperature
  • . The ideal gauge for turbos and superchargers Boost scale is settable to 15 or 35 psi, records positive or negative psi peaks and features a settable, visible warning
  • Air/fuel ratio gauge features a settable, visible over-rich/over-lean warning
  • Measures 108.7mm (4.3in.) W x 66.7mm (2.6in.) H x 22.7mm (0.89in.) D
  • Includes boost sensor, temperature sensor, Bosch oxygen sensor with bung and cap and gauge bracket

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Weight 2 lbs

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