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EVP Sidewinder/SRX, Thundercat/9000/King Cat ECU Programming with Maptuner X

Nov 04 2016


EVP is proud to be the first to tune the Yamaha Sidewinder and Arctic Cat Thundercat.   Our expert tuners have brought their combined 40+ years of automotive and powersports experience to the potent new 998cc Yamaha turbocharged triple.  Big horsepower is achievable with just programming.  The Sidewinder/Thundercat in 100% stock form dynos at 187 hp.  We have many levels of tuning available depending upon the customers needs and/or fuel octane availability.  Our Stage 1, 2, 3 & 4 tunes are 91 octane safe.  Stages 5+ are a blend of pump gas and race fuel (octane TBD)

EVP has two options for getting your ECU programmed depending upon budget and time frame.  The options are as follows:

  • Send your ECU to our Somerset WI location for programming
  • Purchase Maptuner X which will allow you to flash your own ECU easily by Maptuner X’s color touch screen interface and included plug and play cabling – see Maptuner X details below


Maptuner X is a consumer hand held ECU tuning device similar to many diesel programmers on the market except with more capability.  With Maptuner X, you can install EVP ECU programs via its touch screen interface and supplied plug and play cable.   It is also compatible with most Polaris, BRP and Yamaha vehicles meaning you only need one device to tune many vehicles! (additional tunes must be purchased).  You can return your vehicle back to stock at any time!  Additional tunes for the same VIN can be purchased for special pricing. Other features like live datalogging will be available soon! Water resistant case and mounting systems are available in Maptuner X Accessories

All EVP Sidewinder/Thundercat tuning has the following features :

  • Raised Boost
  • Corrected fueling for exhausts, etc
  • Revised timing
  • Revised knock settings
  • Rev limit to 9650
  • Dyno, Mountain and Midwest tested!
  • Multi Map and other features coming soon! – Upgrading will be easy and inexpensive as more features become available – especially with Maptuner X.  Once a new tune becomes available, we simply enable it under your account.  You would then syc with your computer and flash your ECU.  With big injector tunes, we would simply send you the injectors and enable the tune on your Maptuner account which you would then flash into your ECU. 

Stage Details:

  • Stage 0 – Fuel correction for running an aftermarket exhaust
  • Stage 1 – 12.5 lbs boost +25 hp over stock – stock exhaust
  • Stage 2 – 12.5 lbs of boost +37 hp over stock – 91 octane (dyno video) – requires aftermarket exhaust
  • Stage 3 – 13.5 lbs of boost + 51 hp over stock – 91 octane – requires aftermarket exhaust
  • Stage 4 – 14.5 lbs of boost + 58 hp over stock – 91 octane – requires aftermarket exhaust
  • Other stages coming Fall 2017!!

Maptuner X Sidewinder/Thundercat/9000/King Cat Instructions

Sidewinder/Thundercat dyno runs
Sidewinder/Thundercat tearing it up on snow


Exhaust Option


EVP Sidewinder SRX Thundercat/9000/King Cat ECU Programming with Maptuner X:

A note on Sidewinder/Thundercat exhausts: There are many others claiming that by putting their “magic” exhaust on that the boost pressure will increase by 2-3 lbs and wild horsepower gains are achieved.  This is simply false.  The ECU programming controls the boost electronically.  When the programmed value is deviated from, (stock is 9.5-10lbs) there is a correction table which will actively move the boost back to the target value.  Flow dividers or any other device after the turbine outlet does not change the fact that this table exists and will move the boost back to the target pressure.  Anyone who is actually tuning this ECU knows this.   If the wastegate flapper valve travel were limited (this is called locking the wastegate), this would allow the turbo to produce more boost, but the variables in turbo efficiency depending upon altitude or temperature would make this completely unworkable in addition to fighting the ecu boost correction and overboost limitations.

Without additional boost/fuel, it is impossible to make 30 more horsepower by just changing an exhaust.  So why does the mixture lean out and where does the extra horsepower come from?  The stock exhaust has a lot of back pressure.  This resistance to flow contaminates the cylinders with gases from the previous combustion event which RICHENS the air fuel mixture because there is less available fresh air to burn.  When you replace the factory exhaust with a free flowing one, now there is more fresh air to burn and the mixture LEANS out.  The ECU does not run closed loop fueling, so it cannot compensate for this.  Here is a video showing the stock tune with the EVP 2.5″ Bullet free flowing exhaust – it makes the exact same boost as with the stock muffler.  



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