BCA Link Radios – The First Communication System Designed for Sports Enthusiasts!

May 04 2015


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FINALLY a company has produced radios designed 100% with snowmobilers and power sports enthusiasts in mind! Waterproof, long battery life, FRS & GMRS frequencies (works with other radio brands), etc. The best and most useful features of these radios are: You do not have to remove your helmet to talk or listen!!! In fact, you can hear others calling you even while riding through the speaker on the microphone!! The PTT microphone portion clips to the outside of your jacket – out of the way!! The receiver portion can be placed in a backpack or in a jacket pocket. Battery life is outstanding – can go days without recharging!! Trust us, we have used all types of radios on the market and these are the BEST!

  • rechargeable 3.7v lithium ion battery provides long battery life
  • waterproof to iP56 standards
  • 22 Frs and gmrs channels + 121 sub-channels ensures minimal interference
  • radio includes option for pre-set channel selections
  • compatible with all standard Frs/gmrs radios
  • secure cord connection and alligator clip for shoulder or sternum strap
  • loud volume can be heard while wearing helmet
  • glove-friendly controls, optimized for easy handling

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