Arctic Cat 1100T Engine Build Service

May 11 2015


Evolution Powersports is proud to offer our engine build service. You send us your 1100T/Z1 engine (must be in serviceable condition!), disassemble it, measure and inspect each part and reassemble it with the finest engine components available. The kit includes the following new components : CP Pistons (non OEM compressions are available) Carrillo Connecting Rods with Carrillo Bolts Main Stud Kit Cometic Head Gaskets Set of Rod bearings (OEM) Head stud kit Cam cover seal (OEM) Flywheel/rear engine cover seal (OEM) Bottom oil pan section seal (OEM) Oil Filter (OEM) The engine disassembly and assembly is done by Evolution Motorsports top engine builder John Bray. John is responsible for all of the engine builds done by EVOMS including the world record setting EVOMS 997-1500 horsepower Porsche. The engine will be able to withstand 500+ hp with this build We have some engines built and ready to ship. Price assumes all parts not included in the engine build components list are servicable. If any out of spec parts are found, Evo will contact the engine owner with additional labor and materials will be agreed to by both parties prior to any further work. If agreement cannot be reached, Evo will ship the engine back to the owner at the owners expense. A refund will be issued minus any labor and parts costs Evo has incurred as it relates to the particular engine. Engine owner must pay shipping both ways.

  • Engines are built by the same engine builder who builds our record setting Porsche’s
  • Engines are in stock and ready to ship as an exchange

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