Alloy Engine Braces – Replaces Factory Heat Exchanger Tabs

May 04 2015


Turbie/EVO supplimental steel Engine Braces allow the use of harder durometer motor mounts to keep the engine securely in place without the concern of the heat exchanger tabs breaking off. 100% stock 1100T’s have broken the tabs off the factory heat exchangers resulting in coolant loss and a HUGE job to repair and/or replace the factory exchangers. With our kit the stock aluminum tabs on the heat exchanger are removed. The engine braces mount to the tunnel with rivets and bolts and have doublers in key areas for strength. The brackets come powder coated black, but are available in other colors at additional cost and lead time. NOTE: Optional Green is shown – Black powder coating is standard.

  • Strengthens the area where the stock motor mounts attach to the frameounts
  • Eliminates the issue of the stock heat exhanger tabs cracking and/or coolant loss
  • A MUST for the use of harder motor mounts
  • Highly recommended with our TCL Delete Kit
  • 100% Bolt in
  • Made in the USA
  • Black powder coat is standard – other colors are available for additional cost and lead time

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs

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