2017-2018 RZR XP Turbo & Turbo S ECU Programming

May 23 2018


Evolution Powersports is on the bleeding edge once again with our completely revised and lethal 2017, 2018 & 2018 Turbo S ECU programming. These tunes will transform your already fast Turbo into an absolute animal! In addition to boost, fuel, timing, rev limit and speed limit changes, we also help the cooling system issues by lowering the fan on temperature by 20 Deg F. This makes a huge difference in the average temperature the engine operates at and prevents run away coolant temps on hot days and high loads. Each tune is customized with fueling corrections for intakes, exhausts, etc. Evolution Powersports can also customize you tunes for fan on/off temperatures, pedal response, timing and more! Our two 2017 & 2018 Turbo S have about 4000 combined dyno runs to verify horsepower gains.  When we develop tunes for vehicles, beta versions are refined in our state of the art, climate controlled dyno room.  We then test the tunes throughout the US including the deserts of Arizona in 115 Deg+ temperatures, Glamis & Dumont, CA, high elevation in Steamboat Springs, CO and on the trails in the Midwest.  

2017-2018 tune descriptions:

“R” designation = the turbo wastegate crack pressure must be adjusted for higher boost (see our video on how to do this here) This allows customers to change between tunes without having to adjust the wastegate if desired.  Non “R” tunes do not require any wastegate modification.

2017 & 2018 (Including Turbo S) horsepower increases:

  • Stage 1 14 whp gain 16 lbs boost (190 engine hp) – 91 Octane – tuned for a stock exhaust
  • Stage 2 20 whp gain 17 lbs boost (193 engine hp) – 91 Octane – tuned for aftermarket exhaust
  • Stage 3R 26 whp gain 18 lbs boost (198 engine hp) – 93 Octane – tuned for aftermarket exhaust
  • Stage 4R 31 whp gain 19.5 lbs boost (204 engine hp) – 95 Octane – tuned for aftermarket exhaust

All programs have the following features:

  • Massive wheel horsepower gains
  • Rev limiters raised by 500 RPMS both high and low gears – custom rev limits upon request
  • Speed limiters raised: High gear-15 MPH
  • Low gear-10 MPH
  • Reverse-9 MPH
  • No piggyback fuel controllers to mess with
  • Dramatically lowered coolant temperatures by manipulating the fan on/off temperatures (EVP was the first company to do this)
  • Some customization is possible

See dyno runs of the EVO Tuned Polaris RZR XP in action!



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2017-2018 RZR XP Turbo & Turbo S ECU Programming

Evolution Powersports was the first in the industry to tune the RZR XP Turbo and haven’t looked back since.  Nobody else in the industry has our tuning experience.  While others play catch up, we are continuing to refine our tunes for more power, drive-ability and safety.  Evolution Powersports is THE innovator in UTV Performance.

See dyno runs of the EVO Tuned Polaris RZR XP in action!

There are three options for ECU programming:

  • Send your ECU to 2006 68th Street Suite D Somerset WI 54025  – We will reprogram it and send it back to you.  Turn around time is 1-2 days from when we receive it
  • Purchase a new pre programmed ECU – with this option, you can keep your stock ECU as a spare.  Use the checkbox below to select this option
  • Purchase Maptuner X (see Polaris RZR XP Turbo Maptuner X page)


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Weight 2 lbs
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